World Cup Highlights – Video of the Week

Everyone with the World cup going on at the moment I thought I would do some Highlights of the World cup from Australia’s, Portugal’s and Argentina’s match so far

If you have been watching the world cup how do you think its going and if your country made it are you happy with how they are going or would you like to see them be playing better then what they are playing like. I’m happy with how Australia played against France to keep them scoreless in the first half and defend for a lot of that match it was something I thought that this is a whole new Australian side then we have seen before at the world cup or playing in friendlies.

I reckon that the match should have been a 1-1 draw you could see that the French player dove but I’m just biased because I’m from Australia I would like to hear what other people from other country thought was it a penalty or not.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and go the Socceroos
until next time

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