Weekly Wrap 6th May 2018

A slow week here on Mates Madness with only 2 posts featured on the site during the week starting with Kieran ask everyone which VFL team he should coach when starting his coach career on AFL Evolution.

The 2nd being my footy comeback which was only posted this morning after playing yesterday which was much harder than I could have imagined.

For me it was a tough week overall which is part of the reason I did not get on here as much as I should have to contribute and share with you all. This week on Wednesday afternoon my Nana passed away, we had not been close in a very long time but it still hit me quite a bit harder than what I had expected. We all knew she didn’t have much time left as she had been unwell for some time. As mentioned I had not been close with my Nana for sometime but when I was younger I had a huge amount of respect for her she cared for her mum my Nan Con for years (my great grandmother), I would go up to Nan Cons house every holidays and help out by maintaining the yard, pruning hedges, trimming trees, mowing lawns and whatever else was required. As with everything over time things change people change and in this case my Nan and I changed as a result we were no longer as close. Each of made decisions which had consequences which as a result pushed us further apart to the point of very limited contact. In my case I would generally visit her to appease my Dad as he was still very close to his mum. After all that though this week when she passed away it wasn’t the bad memories that filled me it was the good memories from when I was a kid that I remembered which is why it hit me much harder than that I thought.

I will miss my Nana but at the same time I am glad to be remembering the good memories not the bad stuff from over the last decade or so.

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