Weekly Wrap 27th May 2018

As you can see we had a busyier week then usual then we normally do with Matt getting up a total of 4 post and Kieran a total of 3.

We started of the week with Matt’s review on deadpool-2-and-new-deadpool-app Deadpool 2 and with the new Deadpool apps we have launched. Our next post of the week was Kieran’s question of your hero growing up and him telling you about his you-hero-growing-up.

The next post was Matt talking about his  current frustration- and how it may-just-motivate-you

We then go to our third blast from the past with Matt talking about his ferrari-museum-visit-blast-from-the-past Ferrari Museum trip. The Next post video-of-the-week was Kieran talking about his new weekly post called video of the week and the first video of the week was the Dude perfects newest post of them doing giant dart battles.

The last couple of posts for the week were Matt talking about 5-things-you-need-to-get-through-a-bad-day-at-work and Kieran talking about 5-top-event-every-motor-racing-fan-must-visit

That’s the weekly wrap

Until next time

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