Weekly Wrap 13 May 2018

Well another week has passed and we have had a pretty good week in they way of content here on Mates Madness. The week started with Kieran discussing his favourite movies where he shared one of the benefits of watching a movie more than once and also asked some good questions such as do you have a sick/feeling down movie. For me this is a selection of movies especially when I was a kid, the movies were Top Gun, who didn’t grow up wanting to be MaverickBloodsportJean Claude Van Damme really kicks arse in the Kumite. Hard to Kill where Steven Seagal just won’t die (and you can take that to the bank) watch the movie you will get the reference, Rookie of the Year – a complete change of pace from the action movies above but what kid doesn’t dream of making it to the big time and the last addition to this list is Romeo Must Die staring Jet Li plenty of action and some awesome slightly non conventional fight scenes such as the fire hose scene.

Our next post of the week was the launch of our bitcoin competition to help promote our site and Youtube channel, if you have not subscribed to our channel do so now and you are half way to entering our competition to win 500,000 Satoshi.

The next post of the week was our brand new weekly post Blast From the Past  where we will be sharing something from our past, a memorable event that either we enjoyed or had significant meaning in our life. For the first instalment I shared 1 of many enjoyable moments from my holiday to America in 2009. This moment was when I tried indoor skydiving at Ifly Los Angles.

The week ended with the Showdown which was a nail bitter with the lead changing twice in the last minute, I am spewing I going to the game due to getting injured in game 2 of my footy comeback (I will tell you about this over the next few days, sitting for to long at once hurts at the moment). Kieran took some great footage of the game be sure to check it out.

The final post of the week was a quick Mothers Day tribute to all the mums out there who mean so much to us as they constantly give so much, my kids spoilt my wife they had some really cool things for her so it was a good day in our house. At the same time I missed my mum and due to struggling to walk or drive wasn’t able to get to the cemetery to say hi to her.

Hope you had a good week and hope to see you back here again soon.

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