Weekly Wrap 28th April 2018

Even though this week was a short week at work it felt like a long one, getting back into the work groove after a few weeks off was tough, that being said I still made time to get on Mates Madness early in the week to share another of the videos taken whilst I was in Melbourne on my family holiday. Check out the active animals at the Melbourne Zoo.

Kieran shared his overall Batman collection, there is some pretty cool stuff there. Do you guys have a favourite from his current Batman Collection

Kieran and I also conducted a little bit of mad science (see the pun, Mates Madness) we dropped a whole heap of different lollies into Coca Cola (Coke) to check out the different reactions so pretty cool and some were fizzers.

As mentioned above it was short work week with Anzac Day falling mid week on a Wednesday, Lest We Forget. A day of acknowledgement of a fallen soldiers a day where we reflect on the significant sacrifices made by the Australian and New Zealand soldiers to enable us to have the life that we have today.

Mates Madness launched a new app and probably the best app that we have made so far Astronaut Space Walk a flappy bird clone but instead of an Astronaut dodging Super Mario style tubes you guide an Astronaut between the satellites on his space walk, its no where near as easy as it looks.


Kieran shared his AFL fantasy team and explained some of his reasons behind his selections and his lack of trades, personally with Ablett being injured for a few weeks now I would have traded him out or at least moved him to the bench, there are also some really good new players in the AFL system this year getting games already so I have made some changes to my bench players before prices went up and grabbed some really good bargains on those players but its looks like he has missed out on that.

That’s where the site but not where my week ended, Friday afternoon I found out one of the guys who works at my youngest daughters child care plays footy and his team the Modbury Hawks forfeited the week before because they were short of players. I have not played football (Aussies Rules) in 8-9 years about this time every year I get itchy feet and consider going back out to play somewhere. This information about Modbury has given me itchy feet. Modbury’s ground is only 5 minutes from home and they are also the Hawks which is a big selling point for me. The team he plays in is the D grade so the bottom end competition and considering how long its been since I have played and how unfit I am its the perfect place for me to have a go. Yesterday to help me decide I went out to watch the team play (the C grade had a bye so a few players dropped down for the day giving the them a full side). The team looks good there are a few good players and also a few not so good players who are just out there to have a bit of fun like what I am thinking of doing. This is encouraging for me because it means I wont look out of place while I find a bit of fitness and allowing my skill level to gradually improve over the course of the season. So I have something to think about, if I am going to play I need to make a decision by Wednesday as I will need to go buy some boots and stuff and train and meet the team Thursday night to give me a shot at playing this coming weekend. I will keep you updated with my decision and if I decide to play I will try to arrange either Kieran or someone else to come watch to try to capture some footage of how I go.

Thats a wrap folks



Hi all and welcome to the new relaunched Mates Madness, here myself and Kieran will be bringing you regular updates on our day to day lives, the out of the normal stuff we get up to together as mates and stuff we do with our families.

We both have some pretty big goals we want to achieve over the next 1-12-24 months we will be sharing with you over the next week. Their are both combined and individual goals, out individual goals we will be each sharing with you in an about me post and the combined goals will follow in a separate post after that. from there we will be giving weekly to monthly updates on those goals both positive and negative because we know like everyone else that life is not always sunshine and rainbows and have no intention of hiding that we are far from perfect.

In addition to that we hope to show you how spending time with both family and especially your mates can bring a little joy to everyone’s lives and release a little stress even if just for a little while. We look forward to interacting with you all through the comments section below so please don’t be shy to share your thoughts along the way.

As a big focus of our site is about spending time with your mates and enjoying life we will also be working to get some of our mates to get post or video a message and in time will be looking for mates of Mates Madness to get post about there experiences as well

thanks for stopping by Kieran and I hope to see you back soon and please if you like what you see please dont hesitate to share our content on your socials