New Android App – Astronaut Space Walk

Today the latest Mates Madness app went live on the Play Store. Its a game/clone of flappy bird but I must say a little harder, the gaps between the obstacles are a little smaller that being said its based in space and who doesn’t like space. Check out me poorly playing Astronaut Space Walk in the video below

As you can see I am pretty crap at the game but you get the idea, I would love to see some of the high scores from the readers here on Astronaut Space Walk, maybe download play/test our game then comment below with your highest score maybe even screen shot it and share it to your socials.

Please check us out on the Play Store we currently have a few different “Match 3” games around different genres to cater for different taste and are looking to expand our games though. Check out the game I made for my 6yr old daughter to play Rainbows and Unicorns I would like some ideas as to what theme to use for the next clone of this script, is there a particular theme that you would like to see/play?

Over the next few days we are also hoping to release a web browser “simple fast secure browser lite” yes a long name but it is search optimized in the hope more people download it and use it. Check back to the Play Store often over the next few days to look for it as we really appreciate if you could support us by using this as your default browser once it is up and running.

At the end of the month I will share our monthly earnings including what app has made the most income, how much the Mates Madness website has made and future earning plans with you all.

Once again we appreciate your support and hope to see you back here on Mates Madness soon either on desktop or through our web browser on you android device