AFL Round 21 Power vs Eagles

Everyone this was maybe a finals match preview that was on show at the Adelaide oval for Round 21.

If power won this game they would move into the top four and if Eagles won they would stay in the top two.

You can notice at the start of the video that the eagles banner wasn’t up when the eagles players came out from the race to run through the banner it was quiet windy there so the eagles banner people where probably trying to keep the banner down for as long a possible but to not have the banner up when the players are already on the field to run through is probably not good enough.

The Match started off alright with Robbie gray kicking a goal from the boundary and running around the get the better angle at the goal, with that goal it started port’s very good run for the rest of the first quarter kicking 5.1 to the eagles only kick one goal in the first quarter with just over 2.30 left in the quarter and it came from Elliott Yeo.

The second quarter was a little bit slower from the power only able to kick a goal and a behind with the eagle kicks 2 goals and a behind the port only goal cam late in the quarter from a kick from Motlop in the centre square to Kane Farrell in to forward fifty and him kick his fifth afl goal in his only third ever AFL game.

The third quarter the power and eagles were able to kick goal taking port goals for the match at the end of the third quarter to 9 goals and eagles to 6 if the eagle wanted to win the game they would need to control the ball for the whole of the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter the power were missing Ryder (hip flexor), Dixon (ankle), Houston (concussion) which made it a little bit harder on the power to control the tempo of the game missing their key ruck man their key forward and a crucial defender and only having one spare spot on the bench to change players in the quarter so most of the players would of had to play most of the fourth quarter with out being able to go to the bench to have a rest. The Eagles were able to take control of port missing three player being able to kick 3 goals and 3 behinds to win the game it was DEJA VU for Port with Jeremy McGovern playing in the forward line for the whole of the last quarter for the Eagles and marking the ball with 27 seconds to go if he missed the goals Port would of won the game but just like in the final last they weren’t  able to take the victory

Dixon will miss the rest of the season and if the power were to make finals he will probably miss those to. Ken Hinkley said Ryder is still a chance that he might play against the Magpies next Saturday but we will not know until Wednesday afternoon if he will be alright to play against the Magpies. Houston was carried of the medicab because he was knocked out he got hit in the ribs and has had some x-rays and Hinkley says he should be fine. With the injuries the power will be going into the match against the Magpies as outsiders but the Power have beaten them the last four time they have played each other.

Final score of the game
Power 1st 5.1(31) HT 6.2 (38) 3rd 9.2(56) FT 9.4 (58)
Eagle 1st 1.1 (7) HT 3.2 (20) 3rd 6.5 (41) FT 9.8 (62)

thanks reading and watch the video until next time


AFL Round 16 Power vs Saints

Everyone with this being a match for Power to keep their chance of staying in the top 4 the need to win if they didn’t win they would of stayed in the 8 but in fifth position.

You will notice at the start of the video that the banner says Steven Motlop that is because he was playing his 150th game in AFL most of those game he played at Geelong but he wanted to go to a club and start enjoying his football again. Steven had a good game racking up 28 disposals and 6 tackles but also helping his team and getting it out of the middle of the ground and to his teammates in the forward line.

Jack Watts was brought back into the side after not playing in the AFL since round 12 and playing in the SANFL instead and kicking 5 goals in the last two rounds in the SANFL that is probably what got back into the side and also helping his team all around the ground.

Charlie Dixon had a very good last quarter kicking three goals and two of those three goals came in a minute and it took his total goals for the match to four goals, He also got 16 disposals and made 3 tackles.

Tom Rockliff was back to his usual self getting the ball and getting it out to his team mates he can see that can get it down the field, he was leading disposal getter for the Power just getting in front of Steven Motlop with 30 he also took 8 marks and made three tackles.

Jared Polec also had an alright game racking up 26 disposals and taking 8 marks but late in the last quarter his was kicking the ball not to any of his teammates that were in sight and it fell short and landed in the hands of a Saints Player.

If you were watching the match what did you think of it and was it a good match.

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