Income Generation

As you know my goal is to long term make a living on line which many people do it just takes a whole heap of hard work initially. For this site we currently have adsense which is earning us a few cents a day and on a good day upwards of a whole dollar. Income generation and ideally a passive income at that is a huge goal here and a result a big focus for me

We are working hard to be able to monetize out Youtube channel but we still need another 800 + subscribers to get to that point so it is some ways off. We are starting to discuss creating some original content and also potentially giving the channel some focus as with the website here it is all very general at the moment.

We are looking into affiliate marketing and are not far away from adding some links into posts but once again we need more traffic to make this a viable option

We had uploaded a number of Android apps to the playstore until our developer account was terminated for breaching policies. No information provided on how we breached or warnings given just an email to say it was terminated and do not create another one or we will terminate that account as well so back to the drawing board there.

Other options being considered are Daily Motion which appears to have little to no minimum requirements to be able to monetize your account. That being said it doesn’t have no where near the traffic or the interaction that you tube does so it may interesting to compare running the two side by side.

We are also considering starting a go fund me campaign to raise some money for the upcoming yearly hosting bill and to purchase some new equipment to help us film videos or maybe start a podcast. Do you think people would contribute?

At the moment the focus is on driving traffic from as many places as possible, a big focus is social networks. So posting our links there, encouraging our readers to like and share our content. In addition to that new auto ping info has been added to the site to let search engines know anytime we have new content to get us indexed faster and by more places. We are also placing a significant amount of effort in commenting on other websites to get our name out there more. I am also looking for some guest contributers to write a post or two here on Mates Madness to improve our reach into other social groups.

We are also spending some turning joining Facebook groups and alike for tips and ideas to help improve us. I recently came across Shout Me Loud which has been a great help in regards to getting tips to improve Mates Madness and also guide Kieran and myself in the right direction. I still have plenty or articles to read but I will be definitely spending a fair bit more time on the Shout Me Loud  website over the coming weeks and months. If you have a blog or thinking about building one check them out.

Over the next few weeks you may notice some changes to the site as we work to optimize it to improve reader experience and engagement. If you have made it this far please share this and comment below it will really help us grow.

Thanks for your support.