My Current Frustration May Just Motivate You

There are a number of things that frustrate me in life at the moment but my number one complaint at the moment is people not taking accountability. All day at work at the moment I hear “it wasn’t me” or “it’s not my job” sometimes it “I don’t know how” even though it’s been part of there job for 12 months or more. This infuriates me, it just shows how lazy some people are that they are so willing to let other people do there jobs for them that they are happy to be part of a team but not be a team player.

I think we should all take pride in our jobs whatever it is, hold ourselves accountable to perform that job to the standard required and realise that the way we do our job, our actions effect other people.

I believe that to do a process correct its best to understand the importance of the process, what the consequences of the process not being done or being done right.

Lets take Mates Madness as an example, if Kieran or I don’t add content content people stop coming back and overtime Google indexes us lower in searches. On the opposite side if we add regular quality content people come back to check for new content, they potentially share our content on there socials and drive other people to our site to see our content. Taking pride in our site taking accountability in the fact the site relies on us regularly adding new content to succeed is what will drive us to achieve outback goals.

Think about what you need to take some accountability in from your day to day life to improve. Think about how your part of of the process effects others and you can do it better. From there set yourself some structure, create some goals to allow yourself to hit the targets required of you. Ensure your goals are not capped at just what is required though stretch yourself, have secondary and other additional goals beyond the minimum requirements. Work with the people around you to share your knowledge and learn from them to allow you all to become stronger and smarter together.

This site was originally designed for everyone to know they have mates to know your a re not alone there are other people out there that share some of your interests your ideas and frustrations. So a small part of that I am asking you to hold yourself to account not just for you but for your mates, your friends your family, your work mates and everyone else in your life. The harder you work for others the more others will be there to support you in your time of need. These people may not always be the person you expect but I can tell you it will be someone who has your respect.