Pokemon Apps -our new apps to the Playstore

With the massive world wide following that Pokemon has we decided to jump on board. Myself personally I have never been a real big fan but Kieran is right into Pokemon as are a few other people I know so it seemed like a good niche even if it is saturated to base a few new apps on.

The first of the new apps launched is a Pokemon puzzle/quiz app where you need to rearrange the pieces to reveal the Pokemon and then name which Pokemon it is from the letters provided. The game came out pretty well, the puzzle side of things adds an extra little challenge on top of just needing to name the pictured Pokemon which for many die hard fans should not be to complicated.

The 2nd app has not turned out as well as I had hoped as yet but all the same the decision was made to realease it on the play store. This app is a Pokemon version of the classic Mahjong game with all of the tiles featuring different Pokemon pictures. There are two different sets of Pokemon pictures used throughout the levels you just need to get far enough into the game to get to use the 2nd set of tiles. My mum used to love playing Mahjong so it felt good to have potentially made a game that she would have played even if Pokemon wasn’t her thing.

There a couple more Pokemon games yet to hit the play store which should hopefully go live in the next few days

The first of these being a match 3 game featuring Pokemon characters where you simply need to line up 3 or more of the same character to score. Lining up 2 groups of 3 at once or lines of 4 or 5 help you to score more and earn extra moves to extend your game longer.

The final game in the last stages of testing is a Pokemon word search where you need to fondness the names of the Pokemon hidden amongst the random letters. The game has easy medium and hard options and 4+ different sets of words to choose from.

If you are a Pokemon fan please check these out and leave a Playstore review for them.

If you have a suggestion for a niche that we should base a group of games around please leave it in the comments below.

Pokemon Quest Kieran’s Review and Pokedex

Everyone with Pokémon quest coming out recently I thought I would talk about how my pokedex is going at the moment

You can see a video of every page of the pokedex and how it is going I thought I would talk to you about how I got those Pokémon in the pokedex and what type of recipe I used to get those certain Pokémon.

You can see a picture of all the Recipe for all the Pokémon and what type of Pokémon you can get down below most of my Pokémon have come from the Mulligan stew recipe you can see that I have a Bulbasaur and that came from the veggie smoothie recipe. The next two Pokémon that I would like to get are Charmander and Squirtle making it that I have all the start from the first Generation.
here is where you can see all the recipes for the Game

At the start of the game you have a choice of five Pokémon to chose which are Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu and Evvee. The Pokémon I chose to pick was Evvee as my favourite Pokémon out of the first generation is Vaporeon. If you want to play the game it’s free and you can buy additional DLC which helps you in the game. With the DLC you get 4 Pokémon to help with the pokedex, the 4 Pokémon are Snorelax, Lapras, nidoran male and nidoran female. These also come with a special move aswell.

You can see that I have got all the pages filled yet but I’ve got at least a couple on every page I’m thinking of getting the DLC to help me get more Pokémon in my pokedex but I’m not quite sure if its value for money. Let me know what you think about the DLC and if you think that it is worth it, see all of what you get in the DLC here Pokemon-quest DLC

I will keep you updated throughout the rest of the year showing you how my pokedex is going and letting you know if I finally give in and buy the DLC. I am sure if people keep playing this Nintendo will do an update for this and including adding some new generations into the game to keep players playing and increase the push for players to get every single Pokémon that there has been created

Thanks for reading and I really hope you enjoyed reading about my Pokémon Quest Pokedex and how I’m going at this stage.

Until next time