NBA Playoffs Golden State Warriors Clean Sweep Cleveland

The Golden State Warriors entered this years playoffs as reigning champions but also tying their franchise streak of 6 straight postseason appearances, in the first two rounds they went through pretty easily with 4-1 wins over both the San Antonio Spurs then the New Orleans Pelicans. Houston pushed them all the way to game 7 in the conference finals but the class that is the Golden State Warriors was to much .

The big story though is the clean sweep over Cleveland, Lebron James could not have done anymore to attempt to get Cleveland over the line but some of his team mates just didn’t look like either there heads or hearts were in the game. Maybe they know James has already made up his mind to move on from Cleveland which I personally think he has. There is lots of talk about who is better Lebron James or Michael Jordan I think this playoff series cemented it for me, Michael Jordan is by far the better team player they both have extraordinary skill but basketball is a team game and if your focus is to much on yourself and not your team you can never be the greatest. Jordan could dominate games but he could also bring the best out in his team mates consistently which is something that James cant do. In this playoff series the rest of the Cavs team went missing in some cases they may as well have been in the crowd or at home on the couch because  they were stationary on the court. If you compare that to the warriors there was always movement on the court the plays vary, the ball handler varies making playing defence a whole lot harder.

Ok to take my point about Lebron James being a big part of the reason Cleveland Cavaliers got swept I’m going to put out a few more things, Lebron James the one man offensive show, as a defence you know you can play off you man and zone a little more because considering how much he has the ball in his hands the chances of him passing are low. From there as an offence you work James over make him play defence because he regularly tries to rest on defence much to the frustration of his team. The below clip is from the 2017 playoffs

Now I am in no way saying that Lebron is not a great player he is one of the best the game has ever seen but I far from think that he is the GOAT and good luck to the team he ends up at next year, hopefully they have a whole bunch of role players/team first players around him that is when James excels the most.

Ok to finish on a high note check out the game 4 highlights featuring heavily finals MVP Kevin Durant and Steph Curry running riot.

Now I know I am by know means an NBA expert so I would love to hear the opinion of some other people out there about Lebron and does he do as much harm to his team on court against a good team as he does good for his team – Damo I’m looking at you here.