Whats Your Favourite Movie or Movie Series


Everyone I thought I would ask you all a question about what your favourite movie or movie series is.

As I went to do some shopping on Sunday the 6th of May I went into a shop to see what movies and maybe games I could buy and I found the Lethal Weapon collection on Blu-ray with all 4 movies for $20 and I thought that it was a good  bargain. I have seen all 4 of the movies but I was a lot younger then what I am now so maybe I will see some things in the movies that I didn’t see when I first watched them.

My favourite movie series would have the be the Fast and Furious Franchise as I have watched them about 15 times each, I have found something that I missed each time when watching them for the second time. Sometimes I find an error such as once I noticed a green screen in one shot that they forgot to take out of the movie and other times I pick up little facts which help me make sense of a past of future scene.

Is there any movies that you have watched a lot of times and saw something you hadn’t when you watched it the first time and thought that was something I didn’t see last time watch the movie.

Also, is there any movie that you have to watch when you not filling to well or just want a laugh. A movie I have to watch when I’m not felling to well or just need a laugh is the Bench Warmers it just so funny and it has one my favourite actors in it David Spade I also watch Happy Gilmore as well because of it having Adam Sandler in it and it was before he started making some not so good movies.

Until next time