Its Been a Long Week

Its been a long week, I have spent most of the week working in my front and backyards getting the backyard ready for my girls to run around in and preparing my front yard for a garden bed and a second driveway put in to stop me from needing to park on the dirt/mud. Its been a whole heap of work, with the help of Kieran we have carried almost two tonnes of loam to the backyard still with about a tonne to go. The two tonnes out the back have no been spread out a ruffly compacted by the girls running all over it. There is still about a third of the back yard to be covered which will hopefully be covered with the remaining tonne of loam out the front.

In addition to this with the help of a mate form work we got the posts in the ground for our retaining wall and went to pick sleepers earlier today, it looks like we are going to get a stacked stone type look retaining wall sleeper. All of this work though in the yard is going to be well worth as discussed in previous posts I definitely need the exercise and I am also saving a whole heap of money by doing as much as possible myself with the help of a few mates. In addition to this I have been keeping up my daily walks at work each day but with the rain most days recently it has been hard to crack the 10k mark each day. I will do a fitness update post sometime over the next day or so to share my progress with you all.

In regards to Mates Madness the changes to site made a few weeks back and we are slowly increasing in traffic both from organic and social referrals so thank you all for sharing our content and directing you family and friends to check us out. As part of the long week I have also got up to a few other things which I will share will in due time so stay tunned.