Universal Stuidos – Blast from the Past

More from my America trip with my wife Sarah from almost 10 years ago now, When we were in America the first place we visited was LA, while we were there we did what most tourists do and checked out the Theme Parks and this post is dedicated to one of those very theme parks Universal Studios. We spent the whole day there arriving early in the morning and leaving in the early evening and then strolling down Universal Walk.

One of the cool attractions at the time was cars from Fast and the Furious on display naturally we took a few photos and some quick video clips

Fast and The Furious
As we most visitors to the Universal Studios theme park we took the tour around the park, we saw some awesome car specials effects and we also got the street set of one Sarah’s favourite shows at the time Desperate Housewives, Sarah was pretty excited to get a quick peak down Wisteria Lane
Some of the other exhibits around the Universal Studios theme park at the time featured movies such as Jurassic Park and the The Mummy, it was just pretty amazing though to walk around the park and try and pick out little parks of the park that had been used in movies or TV shows and there a quite a few about.

This was also the was also the same day I completed the Ifly experience mentioned in the first Blast from the Past check it out hereĀ 

Spoiler Alert Disney Land coming in the next few weeks