You Control Your Future

I hear so many people complain something has not happened in there life or that they want something to happen in the future but then they do nothing to make it happen. They sit back and wait for it to magically happen or for someone else to make it happen for them.

One of my old bosses and mentors says “if nothing changes nothing changes”. Think about that saying for a minute do you get it, does it make sense to you. For me it’s saying if you don’t change something nothing changes, change starts with you. If you want a certain result you need to make a change in your actions to drive that change. You control your future, your actions have a significant impact on your outcome. Now I admit some things are out of your control but that is not a reason to concede defeat and put no effort in. In fact it is exactly the opposite it is a reason to work harder to focus on what you can control and control it to drive your desired outcome.

Think about the thing in your life that you want to change the outcomes that you want to achieve. Rate them in level of importance and urgency. Now that you have done that have another look thinking about flow on effect many people miss this but in some occasions completing one goal before another can make future goals easier, is this the case for you?

Now you have those desired outcomes in a solid order plan out the actions required to achieve the first two. Figure out the changes you need to make to complete the desired actions and put timelines to them to hold yourself accountable. Where possible I recommend sharing these goals with a mate someone that with help hold you to account someone to celebrate your successes with when you achieved your desired outcomes. If your desired outcomes/timeframes are so way out establishing mini/minor goals along the way can be really beneficial to aid you in seeing progress along the journey. For many people especially myself seeing progress along the way is vitally important as it let she me know I am on the right track I am achieving something I am getting results for all my hard work. So remember if nothing changes nothing changes so make some changes in your life for the better, control your future.