Matt Day 5 fitness update

Yesterday was a disaster day on so many fronts, my lunch time walk was shorter and slower trying to avoid shin splints, my day outside of that fairly much consisted of me sitting at a computer working. In addition to this I deviated from the no late night snack goal and smashed through half a bag of peanut M&Ms.

As you can see from my walk data it was only active minutes for the whole day which is a huge disappointment, distance is well down over the time period and as a result there was a significant drop in steps.

I fell just shy of 7,500 3/4 of the way to my daily 10k goal which as you can see means I did not even get close to the kilometres or calories side of things.

I did complete a short 5 min burst with 10kg weight but was clearly not going hard enough as it didn’t even auto recognise it as active minutes. I will need to work towards steadily increasing this over the coming days and weeks.

Only hitting 7,500 is also not good enough I need to force mysedf out of my chair and keep pushing myself to achieve more each day, without the increased workload there will be no overall benefit to my fitness and general health and well being.

All going well I should see some strong results again this weekend with there still being plenty of work to be done in both my front and back yards. I am looking at getting 2 tonne of loam dropped off which will need to be moved from the front yard to the backyard by the bucket load so that’s quite a bit of both lifting and walking ahead. That being said I cant leave it all to the weekend and must get better results again today. Prior to a Friday weigh in tomorrow.