My AFL Fantasy Team


Everyone with it just over a quarter the way through for the 2018 AFL season I thought I would give you an idea of what my AFL Fantasy Team looks like

You can see in the picture below at what my team looks like so far and this is what it was at the start of the season so I haven’t done any trades this season.

Because I think why would you want to trade a player out if you don’t like them any more or there not getting the ball as much or not playing any games if you trade them out because they aren’t getting the ball what makes you think they will play like that for the rest of the season

You can see that I have Patrick Dangerfield as my vice-captain and Tom Mitchell as my Captain the reason I haven’t got Patrick as my Captain and Tom as is because Tom gets more possessions then Patrick most games and I get double points for having Tom as my captain to.

You can also see that I have four Geelong players in my team Zach Guthrie, Patrick Dangerfield, Gary Ablett and Sam Menegola which are probably my four of my five Favourite AFL players the fifth being Daniel Menzel the reason he isn’t in my team is because I don’t have any more money to get him. And also, I don’t want to trade any of my players at the moment.

If you think I should change something on my team I would really like to hear your ideas and I will take them on. I would also like to hear about who’s in your team and why certain players are in the team. Another thing I would like to hear is who is you favourite AFL player past or Present it doesn’t matter my Favourite player of all time is Jimmy Bartel.

Until next time