Deadpool 2 and New Deadpool App

The weekend just gone I went to the Cinema to see Deadpool 2, now if you are a dodgy downloader that is thinking I will just download this one when it’s available do yourself a favour and head out and see this one on the big screen you wont regret it. There is so much action is this movie that watching it on a small screen won’t do it justice. As with the first Deadpool movie you also get a whole heap of laughs.

The movie doesn’t shy away from the gory stuff with a few decapitations, bodies chopped in half and other limbs lost. Check out the trailer for the movie below

In addition to checking out the new movie I also spent my weekend making a couple of new Android apps which have recently gone live on the playstore, the theme for all of these apps was of course Deadpool to capitalise on the new Deadpool 2 movie.

The first app is the Deadpool Fidget Spinner  this app can be quite addictive and there are quite a few different fidget spinners to unluck all revolving around Deadpool. Some of these are pictures of Deadpool and some are actual fidget spinners with Deadpool pics or logos on them.

The 2nd app is a version of Astronaut Space Walk except you are Deadpool dodging walls  I think you have to play this one just to see Deadpool hit a wall the relaxed fashion he falls to the ground. Let me know if you can beat my top score of 18 upload your highscore screenshots to twitter and tag us @matesmadness.

The 3rd app is a Deadpool Match  Puzzle app where you need to remove the different Deadpool images in groups of two or more ensuring you don’t leave any solo logo’s by themselves I can’t get past level 4 myself

The 4th app is a simple Match 3 game where you need to line up 3 or more of the same Deadpool image to score. If you can line up 4 or more or get two groups of 3 at the same time you score even higher and earn yourself extra moves.

If you are a Deadpool or just a general game fan download our apps and leave us a review, remember these games will have ads and they are there to support the Mates Madness website with hosting costs and hopefully done the track some product purchases that we can then review and share with you all.

Let me know your favourite app or if you have a favourite character that you would like me to make a similar app with.