Day 3 Get Fit Update

Day 3 first day back at work required a lot more effort to hit the 10k step target. I took a 3000 + step 30 minute walk which helped a lot in getting the total up there. On top of that I visited two different shops on the way home from work, a pet store to get some stuff for my pet turtle Ninja and a supermarket to pick up some potatoes eggs and a massive pair of lamb shanks which I cooked for dinner in the air fryer. Even after all that extra walking that I wouldn’t normally do i was still just over 2k short of my 10,000 steps goal after dinner was finished.

This meant more needed to be done up and down the hallway I went for about 10 minutes while the girls were getting ready for bed. Follower by a super quick few reps with a 10kg weight ( it was quick because the arms were still dead from the work on the yard over the weekend) then I put the girls to bed and then back up and down the hallway for another 10 minutes until I hit the 10k step goal

As you can see for pretty much the same amount of steps as the day before the calories burnt are significantly down on the day prior showing just how much more I got out of spending the day working in the yard keeping the heart rate up.

Some details of my lunch walk below, I need to pick up the pace but at the current time its a bit hard as if I go to quick I start to get shin splints so I will need to look at bringing different shoes to walk in, in place of my dress steel caps that I was wearing. Day 4 here I come another 10,000 steps are on there way. After I hit this a few more days in a row I will need to work adding regular light weights to work on my upper body a bit but that is a challenge for another day.

Matt -Health & Fitness Day 1 result

So after yesterday in my update post talking about wanting to get active again as I need to get back to losing weight and especially stop putting it on.

I decided I would start to wear my Fitbit Surge again to motivate me to move more, or at least show me how lazy I am being. On top of that I got very hands on in my front yard preparing the area for my soon to be constructed retaining wall. From there was a fair bit of the dug up dirt transferred from the front to the back.

In addition to this I recently downloaded Pokemon Go again to encourage me to get active and walk more (video screen recordings coming soon). So I have already ticked off a number of things on my list from my last post which I’m pretty happy about. Check out my Fitbit stats from yesterday

Now I am super happy with my result but at the same time really annoyed with myself that I couldn’t get my butt of the couch away from the TV for 2 minutes to do another 83 steps to hit my 10k step goal to day I am making sure I hit that goal, I am doing more work in the yard ¬†which will help And will walk up and down the hallway to get whatever I am sure before I get into nighttime TV. If I can’t hit the goal on the weekend I will be struggling as its much easier to do now than it will be come Monday when I am back at work and will need to be spending most of the day working at my desk. At the moment though I am resisting the urge to go binge on a packet of chips or maybe some biscuits, wish me luck.

Matt – Update

So in an early post I wrote about some goals of mine one of those being to lose some weight and to be brutally honest with myself I have nothing about it really if anything I have gotten worse. I am not big on dieting so that was never really part of the plan just some smarter eating and a lot less late night eating when there is not time left in the day to burn of those consumed calories am going backwards with my weight loss goals at the moment.

My weight has actually increased a few kilograms since injuring my hamstring trying to make a football comeback. Now everytime the hamstring starts to improve I do something to reagravate it delaying any rerun to sport or meaningful exercise. This week I have started taking walks again at lunch time with Damo but I just end up walking to the shop and buying way more for than I need smashing it down and walking back. Last weekend I starting working on my front yard and again over did it with hamstring but it was good to start to see some progress on the yard. The plan there is to get some excercise while doing the work and saving a heap of money by not hiring someone to do the walk for me. On top of that the dirt I dig up is then being moved by the bucketload by hand to the backyard approximately 25-30 metres away and up 5 stairs due to my home being split level.

It is time to up the anti on the hamstring rehab though the weight has got start to come off again I am starting to find myself tired faster and breathing a lot harder doing some of the simplest tasks. Previously my Fitbit Surge was helping to motivate me to hit step or calories burnt targets but I have stopped wearing it due battery issues. It’s either time to deal with battery problems or get a new watch I think.

So from here the goal/plan is

  • A new fitness/smart watch
  • Cut down the after dinner eating
  • Resume regular excercise
  • Reduce meal sizes
  • Hamstring rehab excercises
  • Arrange and exercise group to enable us to keep each other accountable
  • A few new apps/games on the phone which encourage walking and other forms of exercise

A healthier body should then make for a happier more energetic me allowing for me to complete tasks around the home faster more often freeing up more time to spend my girls and also working on this site and building our apps. Depending on which scales I am using and the time of the day I at around 90-93 kgs. I would love to be back down around 75-80 kgs by Christmas so ruffly 2kgs a month which doesn’t seem like much with just some dedication and drive. Let’s see how I go I will keep you updated on the goals/plan .