Happy Easter

Hi all

Its that time of year where everyone over indulges in chocolate after the Easter Bunny has been to visit, and many of us get 4 much needed days of work. For me the days are more needed than normal as I am feeling a little under the weather with abit of a head cold so 4 days to kick back and relax sound amazing.

At this point we are almost a whole day into the Easter long weekend and I have already been called into work due to a server breakdown which needed to be fixed prior to staff hitting work at 2am tomorrow morning so getting the call now and fixing it today was much better than getting the call in the middle of the night but all the same I would have been much happier if the call had not come at all. From there because we were out and about we all went to visit my dad for Easter the girls were rapt, they got some Easter presents and my dad got to see the girls everyone is happy and one family visit ticked off for the weekend.

I am not sure about you but many of these great breaks from work always seem to come with the obligatory family visits. How do you all feel about these, do you look forward to them, do you feel forced to do them, whilst at them are you just thinking about what you can do with your time once they are finally over. Or are these times with your family still like when you were a child and you look forward to them days or weeks out, the time spent is great and full of fun and enjoyment. I hope you are in the second category its a good place to be, for me my girls love these times so its a little from column A and a little from column B because if they are happy I am happy.

Hopefully in the 3 days remaining there is some time for R&R but I do doubt it, I want to get some work on the backyard done, there are still more family visits to take place and I have a whole heap of apps I would love to sit down and start creating. I mean the sooner they get up on the Play Store the sooner they start making some money.

It would also be great to catch up with Kieran and Damo and throw some darts or shoot some hoops or just have some kind of random fun but we will see how we go about fitting that in, hey maybe they could come and help me with the backyard and get that done a bit faster, I’ll have to figure out the plan for the rest of the weekend and touch base with them to see what there up to.

Anyway I hope you all have a great fun, happy and relaxing Easter

Cheers Matt