Jeremy Cameron’s AFL Rnd 14 big hit not so bad

I was just reading this article titled “A lack of compassion and a lack of understanding shown by GWS forward Jeremy Cameron” about the Cameron hit on Andrews and honestly I was astounded as to how anyone could say that they clearly have not done there research and are just trying to write click bait. I feel extremely bad Harris Andrews his family and his team mates for the situation he is currently in (laid up in hospital with a brain bleed) but what was Cameron suppose to do he was committed into his jump when Andrews went back with the flight of the ball.

Cameron did what any normal human being would do and turn his body to protect himself had he not done this we could be looking at the of the AFL’s brightest stars laid up in hospital not just one. As based on the evidence argued at Cameron’s tribunal hearing  he had 6/50ths of a second to brace for contact and as a result I am unsure how this could have been ruled intentional. As much as we respect a player that goes back with the flight of the ball without a second thought some of the onus for that players protection needs to be on themselves. The only difference to this being a front on contact free kick was the split second where Cameron protected himself instead of getting his own head knocked off. To show how much the players on the ground new that there was not much Cameron could have done consider how many Brisbane players came in and remonstrated with Cameron. Anything can look bad in when replayed in slow motion, frame by frame or a still image but that is not football, its fierce and fast paced.

There could even be case made for going back with the flight of the ball to be similar to going to ground and taking a players legs both are extremely dangerous for all concerned. No I don’t agree with that rule especially when the players on the ground gets hand on the ball but I am sure you can see the similarities there.

In regards to “a lack of compassion and understanding and shown” by Cameron you have got to be kidding me right as per numerous reports “Cameron had earlier revealed that he apologised to Andrews after the game and then again the next day, saying he “felt sick” about the way things had panned out.” how is apologising more than once not showing compassion? How is going to the tribunal and accepting the hit being illegal not showing understanding he did as I am doing though argued his intentions were not intentional. The fact that people in the media and especially past players have called it a “dog act” astounds me. Those people full know how fast things in the game happen how fast players in the game move, there is a good chance Cameron didn’t even see Andrews until late as he eyes were on the incoming ball which was being kicked to him should Andrews have not been there it probably would have hit him lace out. Based on this I actually think 5 games was to extreme and was as a result of the media hype I think 2-3 more clearly reflect the accident that has occurred because it was just that an accident that happened as part of a game.