AFL Round 21 Power vs Eagles

Everyone this was maybe a finals match preview that was on show at the Adelaide oval for Round 21.

If power won this game they would move into the top four and if Eagles won they would stay in the top two.

You can notice at the start of the video that the eagles banner wasn’t up when the eagles players came out from the race to run through the banner it was quiet windy there so the eagles banner people where probably trying to keep the banner down for as long a possible but to not have the banner up when the players are already on the field to run through is probably not good enough.

The Match started off alright with Robbie gray kicking a goal from the boundary and running around the get the better angle at the goal, with that goal it started port’s very good run for the rest of the first quarter kicking 5.1 to the eagles only kick one goal in the first quarter with just over 2.30 left in the quarter and it came from Elliott Yeo.

The second quarter was a little bit slower from the power only able to kick a goal and a behind with the eagle kicks 2 goals and a behind the port only goal cam late in the quarter from a kick from Motlop in the centre square to Kane Farrell in to forward fifty and him kick his fifth afl goal in his only third ever AFL game.

The third quarter the power and eagles were able to kick goal taking port goals for the match at the end of the third quarter to 9 goals and eagles to 6 if the eagle wanted to win the game they would need to control the ball for the whole of the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter the power were missing Ryder (hip flexor), Dixon (ankle), Houston (concussion) which made it a little bit harder on the power to control the tempo of the game missing their key ruck man their key forward and a crucial defender and only having one spare spot on the bench to change players in the quarter so most of the players would of had to play most of the fourth quarter with out being able to go to the bench to have a rest. The Eagles were able to take control of port missing three player being able to kick 3 goals and 3 behinds to win the game it was DEJA VU for Port with Jeremy McGovern playing in the forward line for the whole of the last quarter for the Eagles and marking the ball with 27 seconds to go if he missed the goals Port would of won the game but just like in the final last they weren’t  able to take the victory

Dixon will miss the rest of the season and if the power were to make finals he will probably miss those to. Ken Hinkley said Ryder is still a chance that he might play against the Magpies next Saturday but we will not know until Wednesday afternoon if he will be alright to play against the Magpies. Houston was carried of the medicab because he was knocked out he got hit in the ribs and has had some x-rays and Hinkley says he should be fine. With the injuries the power will be going into the match against the Magpies as outsiders but the Power have beaten them the last four time they have played each other.

Final score of the game
Power 1st 5.1(31) HT 6.2 (38) 3rd 9.2(56) FT 9.4 (58)
Eagle 1st 1.1 (7) HT 3.2 (20) 3rd 6.5 (41) FT 9.8 (62)

thanks reading and watch the video until next time


AFL Venue Record broken

Everyone today the 29th of July 2018 Jack Hombsch will become the first ever player in AFL history to play an AFL match during home and away or finals series.

he has played at this 19 stadiums before he will play at Mars stadium in Ballarat today

Adelaide Oval
ANZ Stadium
Blundstone Arena
Etihad Stadium
AAMI Stadium
GMHBA Stadium
Jiangwan Stadium
Manuka Oval
Optus Stadium
Spotless Stadium
TIO Stadium
TIO Traeger Park
York Park

He will goes past AFL greats in the names of Paul Salmon and Robert Harvey this will be a record which will probably take a little time to break because there are some of these ground players that are starting in the AFL will never get the chance to play at and if the records was to be broken in the near future the AFL will need to add another stadium for a team to play at and if it was Port Jack would have to be left out of the side if he doesn’t play at any new venue for the rest of his AFL career this record could stand for a very long time and not be broken for probably about 30 to fifty years if it gets broken before the 30 years i would be amazed but it could happen. This record he will be braking it will be before he plays 100 game how many players past, present or future will be able to say they have an afl record before the have played 100 AFL games not that many.

Power vs Giants AFL Round 18

Everyone this was a massive match for both of the teams if the Power won they would of gone into the top and if the Giants won they would of kept the finals chances alive.

The first Quarter started off with the Giants getting the first score of the match but it was just a behind and then port took advantage of the kick in and took the ball down the ground with Robbie Gray kick the ball in the forward to try and get the first goal of the match but it just fell short but Brad Ebert was near the goal square when Robbie kicked so he was able to pick up the ball and spin the opposition player off of him and get the goal. but that was there only goal for the quarter. An Ollie Wines Slip up when he kicked the ball to two team mates but they were out of range to mark the ball and Toby Greene was able to mark it and took advantage of this and kick it out to the wing and with Brent Daniels marking it in just his third ever AFL game and running it down the wing to the Tim Taranto the kick the Giants second goals of the match. that was pretty much it for the first quarter with Port only kicking that one goals for the quarter, and the Giants kicked a total of 4 goals to go into the second quarter.

The Second quarter pretty much started with how the first quarter finished with the Giants getting the first goal of the second quarter and kicking another two goals in that quarter to take them with a total of seven goals into the half time break. The power were able to get the ball into the attacking 50 a lot more in the second then the first but they weren’t able to take them only kicking two goals and five behinds if the Power were to take those chance they would of been in front going into the half time break I don’t think I would of like to be a Power player at the half time break because I reckon Ken would of been screaming at the and asking them what they were doing.

The Third and Fourth Quarter the Giants pretty much held on to the ball for most of those quarters with port controlling the ball in the last five to ten minutes of both of those quarters the Second half Port were able to get more goals then the giants but the giants go the ball into the attacking 50 a lot more then them the Giant were only able to kick 4 goals to ports 5 goals but they kicked a total of 7 behind to ports 5 behinds so port were to the kick straighter then the giants in the second half but were a lot less in there attacking 50 then the giants. Phil Davis said to Fox Footy after “The Match that to win at the Adelaide oval is hard and to do it twice in the same year is remarkable and we are happy with this win”.

Here is the Match highlight of the game and you can see how the second for the match for the Giants happened

I would of like to see the Power win but the Giants just played better then they congrats on the win

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AFL Round 16 Power vs Saints

Everyone with this being a match for Power to keep their chance of staying in the top 4 the need to win if they didn’t win they would of stayed in the 8 but in fifth position.

You will notice at the start of the video that the banner says Steven Motlop that is because he was playing his 150th game in AFL most of those game he played at Geelong but he wanted to go to a club and start enjoying his football again. Steven had a good game racking up 28 disposals and 6 tackles but also helping his team and getting it out of the middle of the ground and to his teammates in the forward line.

Jack Watts was brought back into the side after not playing in the AFL since round 12 and playing in the SANFL instead and kicking 5 goals in the last two rounds in the SANFL that is probably what got back into the side and also helping his team all around the ground.

Charlie Dixon had a very good last quarter kicking three goals and two of those three goals came in a minute and it took his total goals for the match to four goals, He also got 16 disposals and made 3 tackles.

Tom Rockliff was back to his usual self getting the ball and getting it out to his team mates he can see that can get it down the field, he was leading disposal getter for the Power just getting in front of Steven Motlop with 30 he also took 8 marks and made three tackles.

Jared Polec also had an alright game racking up 26 disposals and taking 8 marks but late in the last quarter his was kicking the ball not to any of his teammates that were in sight and it fell short and landed in the hands of a Saints Player.

If you were watching the match what did you think of it and was it a good match.

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Power vs Melbourne round 14

Everyone this was Port third home game in a row and the second and more than likely final Friday night game for the Power in 2018, we will have to wait and see if they get the Friday night game for round 23 which date and times haven’t been realised yet but this will be highly unlikely unless the game against Essendon is pivotal to how the final 8 finish

You will probably notice a different view in the video I decide to sit somewhere different to watch /record the Match from and get a different perspective for you watching our video.

Adelaide based Melbourne game have been waiting to see there team playing well for quite some time and would have been very excited to see there team come into town in finals contention for the first time in along time.

The the final scores for the match were

Port 1.3 (9) 4.6 (30) 8.7 (55) 11.9 (75)
Melbourne 3.5 (23)  4.8 (32) 9.9 (63) 9.11 (65)

Ports first and only goal for the first quarter came at Quarter time from Brad Ebert set shot after the siren, at Quarter time Port only had 10 free kicks to Melbourne’s 16, with Melbourne getting all there free kicks Port fans were not happy as you would expect because they are so passionate. At the end of the game port finished in front for the free kicks having a total of 30 and Melbourne only having 24 free kicks this would be primary due to port starting to play harder and getting in front more.

Port didn’t report any injuries at the end of the game but some of the players did appear to be managed staying of the bench for longer then they normally would have.
Melbourne reported two injuries, the highly creative defensive Neville Jetta rolling his ankle and getting a head knock and  Tom McDonald getting hit in the ribs Tom will have scans on his chest in the coming days. They both played out the game so depending on scans they will more than likely be good to go next week pending passing a late week fitness test.

There were some big name players missing Jack Watts will be playing another week in the SANFL and as a result missed out playing against his old team and I’m pretty sure this would have been tough for him to take as he would have been keen to prove a point to his old team mates that he does still have plenty to offer at AFL level.

A  couple of big names for Melbourne that missed out are Jake Lever who is out for the season with an ACL and a favourite of mine Dom Tyson I feel he is a key player in their midfield to drive the ball out congestion and into their forward line, due to Port strong in and under bodies I would have brought him into the team.

If you watched the match what did you enjoy about the game and were you happy with how the match went

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AFL Round 13 Power vs Bulldogs

Everyone Thursday night football was back and Port Adelaide had it hosting the Western Bulldogs the Bulldogs were looking for another win going in to the match with only 4 wins but port was also going into the match to keep their finals chance alive.

this was Todd Marshall first game of the season after he missed most of last year going on compassionate leave after the death of his dad and them only a couple of months after that the death of his mother aswell is sad to lose one parent let alone both and only being 19 years old you will have to fill for him. There was a minute applause at the 13-minute mark of the first quarter to show support to Todd as he wears the number 13 you can see a video of the applause down below and see the sportsmanship from the bulldogs aswell.

fans applaud marshall in special moment

Ollie wines and Robbie Gray both had great games again with them both getting more then 25 disposals and Robbie kicking 3 goals and Ollie kicking just 1. The forwards also had a great game aswell with Charlie Dixon and Tom Rockliff kicking 3 goals each.

Paddy Ryder is trying his best to get the all Australian Ruckmen again and go back to back he got one goal but he won almost every single hit out and ruck contest when he was on the ground.

Chad Wingard and Sam Powell-Pepper played liked they always do getting the ball and getting out to there teammates and try and help get goals. Chad help out and got a game high total of 30 disposals putting just behind Ollie wines in the team disposals getter for the game and Sam got 24 disposals. If I was coaching a team and I could bring in some players the go in hard and get the ball Chad and Sam would be my first two picks in the team.

the first quarter wasn’t the best from the bulldogs only kick a behind and port kick 5 goals which means port were going into quarter time controlling the game. But in the second quarter I saw a completely different Western Bulldogs side from the first quarter they were able to get the ball into the forward fifty and have chance at getting goals, and they did going into half time kicking 4 goals and keeping port to only 3 goals and port going into half time with a total of 8 goals. Ken Hinkley (port Coach) must have not been happy at Half time because Port came out in the third quarter and kicked six goals and keeping the bulldogs to only 4 and the did the same in the fourth quarter aswell kicking another six goals taking the final score to 20.12 (132) and keeping the bulldogs to only kick 3 in the fourth taking the final score to 11.9 (75)

If you saw the game and you are a port fan you would have been happy with that result.

Until next time

Video of the Week

Everyone for the second video of the week I found a challenge type video that I know Matt and myself would like to try it and upload to our youtube channel which you can find here

You can see in the video I found are just some mates kicking around the football in an AFL related challenge with you trying to not get the letters of the word HORSE which means you try and get a goal and try not get any letters of the word horse. Courtesy of the video goes to Dylan Holt and you can check out his youtube channel by clicking the link here

My favourite shot in the whole video would have to be the dribble kick on the boundary to get it in and try not get the first letter of Horse this is probably one of the hardest kick to do if you haven’t done it before I haven’t done this shot but I reckon if I practice it I will be able to get it. I reckon the hardest shot other the shot dribble kick from the boundary would have to be the opposite foot torpedo kick. The reason why is because how many times would you use your other foot to kick the football let alone do a torpedo kick.

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the second post of video of the week leave a comment if you would like to see Matt and myself try this challenge. Also, in that comment why not say what your favourite shot is and why that shot is your favourite shot in the video.

If you would like to see a type of video for video of the week I would like to hear you thoughts and maybe make them a video of the week.

until next time

Whats Your Favourite Sport or Sports


Everyone I thought I would do another post asking what you favourite thing is, this time I thought about asking what your favourite sports are and why. I have a couple of sports that are my enjoy but my favourite sport that I like is Motorsport.

The reason Motorsport is my favourite sport is because you just don’t see one race the same every time you watch a race you might see that it has no safety cars or you might see another race where there are a lot of safety cars.

You will see different drivers in each variation of motorsport, yearly you can see drivers and teams leave the sport and also see some new drivers and teams come in, In some variations you might also see some past drivers from the sport come back part time and do enduro type events. For example in Australia Mark Skaife finished up in the V8 Supercars as a full-time driver but came back and drove in the Enduros of which the V8 Supercars have three races each season  Sandown,  Bathurst and the third at the Gold Coast. On his return Mark Skaife competed in this enduro races with his long time friend Craig Lowndes

I was very happy when I heard Mark was going to race with Craig as Mark was one of my favourite drivers at the time and Craig is my favourite driver ever. I think Craig will do the same as what Mark did when he retires and continue racing in the enduros and race with either Jamie Whincup or Shane Van Gisbergen as they should still be driving when he retires full time from driving.

The next sport on my list of sports I enjoy is AFL, between the teams the players abilities and coaching styles vary significantly causing considerable variations in each game watched. In one match a team could win by a big margin against one opponent and the next game they might have very nail bitting game no matter where the teams fall on the ladder but just due to how the teams match up.

Basketball is another sport I really get into, my favourite Basketball team is the Utah Jazz and I was very happy to see Donovan Mitchell I really rate him highly due to how quick and versatile he is. With him being able to help out his team mates where ever he can. You don’t always see that team first attitude in some of the players in the NBA. Why I like basketball is because if you want to you can go out and play with a friend or group of friends and put a pick up game together really easy.

Thanks for reading this post and it hopefully its help you guys understand me a bit more, why I like these certain sports. As always I would like to hear about what your favourite sports or sport are and why you like them.

Until next time Kieran

Showdown XLIV (44) Power vs Crows


Everyone with the Showdown being on of the biggest games in South Australia for Port Adelaide Power and the Adelaide crows the Showdown is regarded as one of the toughest games to play according to past and present Power and Crows players so I was not missing this game. You can see a video down below of the players running through the banners all the way up to the Showdown medal getting handed out along with the first ever Showdown shield that the Power and the crows played for.

The game started with port getting the first score on the board but the Crows easily responded with a goal of their own. They game was quite fast paced in some parts but very slow in the other parts it was tooth and nail from the very first bounce right until the final siren. After a stressful final minute with the Crows going ahead by a point with a goal with 50 seconds to go many Ports fans heart sunk then the unthinkable happened new Port recruit Steven Motlop showed some magic and kicked a goal 19 seconds later putting put back in front with 31 seconds to go, Port Adelaide won showdown number XLIV (44) making it all tied up in the showdown wins with 22 apiece.
At the time of me posting this I have hardly any voice of me screaming at goals getting scored or the umpires but hopefully by tomorrow morning it will be better.

Until next time


Weekly Wrap 6th May 2018

A slow week here on Mates Madness with only 2 posts featured on the site during the week starting with Kieran ask everyone which VFL team he should coach when starting his coach career on AFL Evolution.

The 2nd being my footy comeback which was only posted this morning after playing yesterday which was much harder than I could have imagined.

For me it was a tough week overall which is part of the reason I did not get on here as much as I should have to contribute and share with you all. This week on Wednesday afternoon my Nana passed away, we had not been close in a very long time but it still hit me quite a bit harder than what I had expected. We all knew she didn’t have much time left as she had been unwell for some time. As mentioned I had not been close with my Nana for sometime but when I was younger I had a huge amount of respect for her she cared for her mum my Nan Con for years (my great grandmother), I would go up to Nan Cons house every holidays and help out by maintaining the yard, pruning hedges, trimming trees, mowing lawns and whatever else was required. As with everything over time things change people change and in this case my Nan and I changed as a result we were no longer as close. Each of made decisions which had consequences which as a result pushed us further apart to the point of very limited contact. In my case I would generally visit her to appease my Dad as he was still very close to his mum. After all that though this week when she passed away it wasn’t the bad memories that filled me it was the good memories from when I was a kid that I remembered which is why it hit me much harder than that I thought.

I will miss my Nana but at the same time I am glad to be remembering the good memories not the bad stuff from over the last decade or so.