Supercars Greatest finishes

Everyone I was just looking around on youtube for the video of the week but I found something that I thought could be a post just on its own

The video I found – Supercars Greatest finishes is below, you will notice there are two parts

My favourite finish would have to be in the second video, the Craig Lowndes and Garth Tander battle at Bathurst in 2011. Craig was trying to win Bathurst for a fifth time in just six years and Garth’s third time winning at the mountain and his second in just three years. One of the big stories here was that Garth Tanders driving partner Nick Percat was driving in V8 supercars for the first time and went on to become one of the very few to win on there first drives.

The footage following the Craig and Garth battle is Craig and Jamie with team Vodafone finishing 1-2 it reminds me of the Allan Moffat and Colin Bond one-two in 1977 because how many times would you see two teams finish one and two in a major race like Bathurst, not that often you would see it in other races with team mates finishing one and two or if the team has three cars a one-two-three, there is still more then 15 races left in the 2018 season and I’m pretty sure there are going to be some more close hard fought battles so there may just be later in the future a third instalment of  Supercars Greatest Battles.

I would like to know what you favourite Battle is and what makes that battle stand out for you.

Maybe I might find a Supercars crash compilations and that will be this week video of the week to follow on from this post.

Until next time

Your Hero Growing up

Everyone I thought I would ask you a question that shouldn’t be too hard for you to answer.

My question to you all is who is or was your hero growing up? What did they do or what made you want to do the same as they did.

My Hero growing up and still is to this day is Craig Lowndes, the reason Craig Lowndes is my hero is because of how much he has achieved in Motorsport when he started racing in the Australian Touring Car Championship in 1996 only aged 22 winning his first Championship in that year. Then winning a second Championship only two years later in 1998 he then went back to back winning another Championship in 1999 making it a career total of 3 Championships won in 4 years. He has also won the Bathurst 1000 a total of 6 times to date and the Bathurst 12 hour twice. Lowndes didn’t win his second Bathurst 1000 until 10 years after his first one and that was in 2006 and he then went on to win three in a row.
At the time of me posting this he has just done his 650th start in a Supercars race and he is the only person to have done that so far. I reckon if he continues until the end of next year he will get to 700 race starts. But I’m think if he continues until the end of 2021 he will hopefully get to his race car number which is 888.

Craig Lowdnes is very much loved by the fans and he will take out his own time to have a chat with you to see how you are going and he will give you a signature if you asked him nicely. I went to the Adelaide 500 earlier this year and I asked him nicely if I could have a quick photo and he said sure you can see the photo of me and him below.

Check out the vintage Craig Lowndes footage below

Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed reading about my Hero I would like to hear about your favourite hero hear and why they are you hero
Until next time