5 Things You Need To Get Through a Bad Day at Work

Everyone has a bad day at work now and then no matter how much they love there job. The things to consider are how often are you having bad days, how bad are the bad days rating them against an average day and your worst day ever.

1. Understand the cause – if you know the cause you can do something about it. Are you bringing a bad attitude to work as a result of life outside work getting to you. Is the culture at your work bad, are you paid poorly, do you not like the hours you work. To understand the reason you need to take a step back and really think about the issue and get to the root cause. Don’t stop at the first answer that comes to you really investigate it and delve deep. Once you have established the actual cause put a action plan in place to fix it. Just knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel can help brighten your mood.


2. Have a goal that rewards your hard work at work like a Holiday, a new car, a house deposit. This goal is more financial it lets you know where the money that you are working hard is going long term. Towards something that you want that will make all the bad days worth it. For me holidays have always been a good one, stick a picture of your destination on you desk or make it your screen saver for you to look at every time you start to feel a little frustrated or down.

3. Remember who you are working hard for, who depends on the income your job brings in. The first person that you are working hard for is you. From there it is everyone else in your life that depends on your income such as your partner or children. To assist with this one I have a digital photo frame on my desk with a whole heap of different pictures of my two girls and my wife rotating through and things at work start to get to me I look down watch a few pictures just to bring a smile to my face

4. Find out a quick chill out method, this should be something to mentally distract you from what is going on. Something that can take your mind away for a minutes to give you that little break to refocus before things start to get to you. For me this is a quick check of a couple of my favourite news sites. I then try to find an article or two to read. I honestly have a friend who heads to the toilet and watches a youtube video or two with his headphones to get that little escape.

5. Have a career goal – know that the bad day is a means to an end, the experience you gain in that role throughout the day and every day in that role with assist you in getting the next role whether it be at that company or a different one. Continue to evaluate that career goal to ensure it is still relevant, having a pathway mapped out will give you purpose in each task you do it can drive you to exceed and if you are excelling in your role there is less chance of having a bad day.

For me these tips have gotten me through quite a few bad days and bad jobs, the skills I have learnt in those bad jobs have also enabled me to get some pretty great jobs and some good money allowing me to do some amazing things in life. If you are going to work to live make sure you do your best live well and enjoy life.

If you have any tips that work for you I would love to read them so share them in the comments below