The Ultimate Gaming Setup I Want 1

Everyone I thought I would talk about something I just found looking around on YouTube

It’s something I really like and I’m sure most gamers would love this setup as well if they are gaming every single day or at least gaming 4 times a week on the computer or on a console.You can you see a video of the whole setup here. The video is by Unbox Therapy which you can check out here.

My favourite part of the whole setup would have to be all the RGB lights from the keyboard to the chair. This is a ridiculous setup with how much power it would be using from the Monitors, the lights in the chair and the PC itself. But how many people can say they have a gaming setup like not that many can say they do but if I had a setup like this instead of a PS4 I would have an Xbox one.

Another thing I like on the setup would have to be the fridge and snack cart so you wouldn’t have to get up from playing your game to go get something to eat or go and get a cold beverage. You can just keep playing games for hours instead of getting up when you want something you don’t have to what for a quiet part in the game your playing or you die in a certain game you can just turn your chair around a bit and get that item of food or that cold drink.

If you would like to see what my gaming setup currently looks like at the moment you can do so by clicking this link my-gaming-setup
If you think would like to see my setup change a bit to make it a little different I would like to hear some of the ideas and maybe I might make those changes to my setup. If I do change anything on my setup you will be the first to know.

I would like to hear about what your favourite part in the whole setup is and why that was your favourite part or would you change anything from the setup.

Until next time