Sorry and a big announcement

As everyone can clearly see by the lack of activity here on the site both Kieran and I have absolutely been focusing on other projects much to the detriment of this site, that being said we are about to be back active on here and looking to merge Mates Madness and our other projects together.

First of all sorry to all of our loyal readers/viewers both here on the site and on our youtube channel hopefully what we have coming up over the next 6 months will more than make up for it. You have seen some of my America videos from almost 10 years ago when my wife and I traveled over there on a holiday but next year Kieran and I will being bringing you brand new videos as we go Mad in America on the first Mates Madness international trip.

As planning comes together for the trip we will share with you the details and throughout the madness that will be our 3ish weeks holiday we will attempt to bring you as many videos and updates as we can.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you all, if you have any suggestions on must do’s must see’s for America we are more than happy to hear them



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