Life’s Challenges


Just a quick post to give my thoughts on life’s challenges.

This last month or so life have has thrown me some challenges, One being the access to my Son.

Now in the past when things have fallen apart for me, I have crumbled. This time however I have not.

Though the power of social media I have found strength and motivation through people such as Joe Rogan, Jocko Willink, Simon Sinek, and Garey Vaynerchuk.

What I have taken away from them the most is its all about mindset. Like we can sit and cry about what has happened or we can do everything in our power to overcome those challenges.

It all starts with educating ourselves. In today’s environment with the access to information we have through the internet it has never been easier.

Search what your problem is and see what others have done to overcome it, gather the information for yourself, get in contact the necessary people/businesses/government departments, action what you need to and move forward.

The longer you sit idle the harder overcoming life’s challenges will seem.

So get clicking, find out what you need and go get what you want.


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  1. You have handled this new lot of set back much better than those in the past as you have mentioned, now continue to focus on time management and ensuring you get your research and any follow up actions done sooner rather than later. Don’t leave stuff until the last minute as you never know what might come up.

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