Kieran’s Dream goals


Everyone I thought I would tell you about what some of my dream goals to achieve are.
My dream car to drive or own is a Mclaren 650s you can see a picture of it below

I would like to go the home of cricket Lords and watch a cricket match and also while I’m in England go to Old Trafford in Manchester and watch Manchester United play as they are my favourite Soccer team in the world.

I would like to go to every Formula 1 race circuit and I would like to start with Singapore as it’s my favourite Formula 1 circuit and end with Melbourne as that’s my home Formula 1 race.

I would like to go to every super cars event in Australia and New Zealand I have been to Adelaide and you can check out my post on my experience my Adelaide 500 experience here the next track I would like to go to is Tasmania as that is my favourite Super Cars circuit one of the circuit’s that I need to do is Bathurst but I would like to go up there for a whole event and feel the atmosphere of other Supercars fans.

I would like to go over to America and watch a Utah Jazz game as they are my favourite NBA team and while I’m there go and watch an NFL game and a MLB game both of these games will need to be in New York as my favourite NFL team is the Giants and my favourite MLB team is the Yankees

Thanks for reading I would like to know some of dream goals that you want to achieve and why you want to achieve them, I would also like to know what some of you favourite sports teams and arenas or stadiums are in the world. My favourite Arena or Stadium in the world would have to be the Adelaide oval as I’m from Adelaide but I’m also there every second week watch an event.

Until next time

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5 Replies to “Kieran’s Dream goals”

  1. Hi Kieran

    Why the Mclaren 650S, what do you drive now.

    What plans do you have in place to achieve your goals, Id been keen to hear how the dream becomes reality..

  2. Hi jack
    The reason the mclaren 650s is it’s my favourite car and i currently dont drive anything at the moment at the moment im just going to keep saving my money to at least start one of my goals and hopefully after that i will be able to continue doing one at a time and i will hopefully keep you and other people that come to the site up to date with how they are going.

    1. Hey Kieran

      I think Jack is asking why it’s your favourite car, what makes that car stand out to you against everything else on the market?

  3. The reason i like the mclaren 650s is because i like how it looks, all Mclaren’s are nice but why i really like the 650s is how the headlights look they go all the way down to the grill

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