Im in a rut

So recently I have been a whole let less motivated than normal as you can see here on Mates Madness I have been a whole lot less active putting up little to no posts over the last few weeks, I am constantly feeling tired and run down I put it down to just trying to do to much I have been pretty go go go over the 8 weeks with working all day then picking up my girls, getting dinner ready trying to do some work on this site and other online projects and then repeat, on the weekends I have been working on the 3 different projects I have going on in my front and back yards leaving little to no time to rest and recharge.

I am keen to do as much as possible myself for a number of reasons, its great to look at the finished product and know I did that or I at least helped do that. The second one being do it yourself (DIY) is a whole cheaper which leaves me more money to either enjoy life start another project outdoors or invest online in a possible opportunity. The 3rd reason I need to exercise the more I don’t get any exercise the lazier and less energetic I seem to feel. That being said with being more active comes the need for more time to recharge especially at the start and that is what I am struggling with.

In addition to this work seems to have stagnated, both in my day job and here on the site both are lacking progression, visitors here have not grown and are not staying longer and at work the next step of advancement is not really there. In both cases I need to have a hard look to find the drive to push myself to succeed. Here on Mates Madness alot of the drive went when our App developer account was cancelled, the apps were really starting to take off and get some downloads and then over night it was all gone without even a chance to fix it. At work the next job the next promotion just doesn’t seem to be insight, the targets I have rest heavily on the shoulders of other peoples input and they just don’t seem to be up to the task which is of course very frustrating.

Its time to get back to basics little goals, 1 step at a time sort out my motivational issues pick some goals and put my head down and work hard towards them but first of all step 1 take a few days to relax and recharge go on a bit of a go slow for a few days and try to kick back and relax as much as possible and then go from there.

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