Family Day Out – Semaphore Kite Festival

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This weekend my wife and I took our girls down to Semaphore (in Adelaide South Australia) to take a look at the annual kite festival, like normal our eldest feel to sleep about 5 mins into the 25 minute drive down to the beach. This year the celebrations were alot more localised to near the jetty than in past year which was good and bad all at the same time. It was great because you could see all of the kites at once from the jetty but at the same time the jetty was absolutely packed. There was a few people taking there dogs for a walk at the festival which always proves a challenge with both girls be scared as of dogs. They both like them from a far but as soon as they get anywhere near close it complete panic.

On the foreshore there was a small fenced of market area with some stalls, once of which was selling kites and then there was the all of the amusements set up at Semaphore over the summer period still setup again one of those also selling kites. We decided to buy a cheap one to attempt to fly it for the girls. I was able to get the kite in the air for them but we were not able to keep it up for very long but that didn’t matter the girls still had heaps of fun chasing it around.

Check out my footage of the kites on display at the festival, for the first time I have used some video editing software on my phone to merge a couple of small videos together to make a larger one to provide a view from a couple of different angles let me know what you think in the comments below

Semaphore Kite Festival 2018



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