Basketball trick shots- Video of the week

Everyone for this video of the week I have found a basketball related trick shots (HORSE) video which you should also know that me and Matt like basketball,I support the Utah jazz and he supports the New York Knicks. I think it would really funny to see us attempt some of the trick shots from the video if we do we will be sure to record it for you all.

My favourite trick shot would have to be from just outside the arc throwing the ball over their heads trying to get it in the hoop this is probably one of the trickiest shot to attempt and also get the ball in the hoop. Another shot I like is the ball bouncing once and going off the hoop and back in you see them attempt it and you can see only one of them gets it so a 25% chance of me getting it if try at least 4 times. I will try and make a video of some of these trick shots in a video and some of my own with hopefully Matt in the video aswell

Thanks for reading about this week video of the week I would to hear about what you favourite trick shot was and why it was you favourite trick shot and also if you would like to see a similar video of Matt or Myself trying to attempt these and maybe if we make a video you can recommend some trick shots you would like to me or Matt trying to attempt.

If you would like to recommend a video of the week I could watch I will take those ideas and maybe make one of them the video of the week and say in the post that you were the person to recommend the video for the video of the week.

Until next time

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