My Garage Transformation

Since moving into a new house 6 months ago our garage has just been storage and far from well organised storage, I am talking we have just thrown stuff in there to deal with it later. Now we don’t plan to park the car in there so it hasn’t really been a major deal and neither the front yard or back yard have been done so there is still plenty of work to be done here. Check my garage in the video below

My garage a complete mess in serious need or a massive clean up. In the 6 months living in our new house stuff has just been thrown in here left anywhere and everywhere you can barely get through check out all of the stuff from the Mates Madness team at Http://

Now as you can see you can only just get from one end to the other, there is stuff everywhere some of if can simply go into the bin. So last weekend I set out about changing that, on my old house I had the dart board up and I would have some mates come around occasionally and we would throw some darts and its time for that to happen again as well.

So I went down to the local hardware store who coincidentally were having a huge sale and picked up so simple to put together shelving – no drilling, screw drivers or allen keys required.  From there I made a plan clear a space in the corner to build and place the first set of 4 storage units, the first one took me a bout 40 minutes while I was figuring out how they went together (yes I know I could have read the instruction but honestly who does that). After I had the first set of shelves up I filled them to create space to build and place the second set. All of the heavy stuff such as spare tiles from the house build down the bottom to give the shelves more stability.

Second one up right next to the first one and large things like left over floating floor across the top of both third and fourth set of shelves up to create a U shape to segregate off the storage section of the garage. Then I tech screwed in some MDF to the back to the set of shelves facing into the garage placed the dart board on that. Setup a foldup table grabbed a camp chair and for now we are done. We still have some items in the garage which still need to find permanent homes or sold on Gum Tree such as the cot a change table and a few other things that our daughters no longer require. Once they are gone and I feel that space to add to the man cave feel I will give you all an update but for now check out the finished product.

If you have checked out my previous video about my garage being a mess check it out so this make sense, I went down to the local hardware store got some shelving on a super special and turned my mess of a garage into great simple storage, a small office for me and a mini man cave. great result I reckon for under $200 Check out what the whole Mates Madness team has to offer at

Since the video was taken my 6yr old a I painted the MDF backing Woodland Grey as per the featured image for the post, this was left over paint used to paint our old zinc fence.

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Skydiving – Bucket list item ticked off

Like everyone I have a bucket list, a list of things that I want to do one day whilst I can, for me skydiving was one of those items. I mean logically it just seems stupid doesn’t it, first of all why would you want to go up in a tiny plane that has in this case perspex for a door let alone jump out of that plane.

That being said I did just that I went up in that tiny plane, I was strapped in front of this guy I had just met who was a real fidgiter the whole 20ish minute ride up to our jump height 9000 feet he was constantly playing with the harness tightening, adjusting, re tightening, re adjusting and so on and so. I was lucky enough to being going through this with a mate AJ, he was jumping as well he had a completely different type of guy strapped to him all smiles barely adjusting the harness seemed completely relaxed. I wasn’t sure what to think did I have the safety conscious guy and that was a good thing or was my tandem master the guy who controls my fate super nervous.

I was nervous I’m not going to lie, but at the same time I was super excited as we reached height Justin my tandem master handed me some goggles I put them on, and once again he tightened  the re tightened until it felt like my eyes were bulging. Justin tries to slide the clear plastic door out of the way but it get stuck and we miss our jump window, we circle around again AJ and his tandem master jump out. Justin and I waddle towards the door my legs are hanging out the excitement is massive right now, wow its a long way down though we start the rocking motion back and forth to jump

Tandem Skydive with Adelaide Tandem Skydiving at Lower light

Were out were spinning around I’m holding onto my harness as instructed waiting for the tap on the shoulder to throw my arms out, and it comes my arms go out I’m looking around this is amazing what a rush right at that point I am literally just falling through the sky. Then the shoots pulled a small jolt and we are floating the googles come off and its just time to enjoy a casual float around the sky for a few minutes  throughout the rest of the way down. Most of the rest of the way down was just like a lazy Sunday stroll all except when Justin tells you he is going to loosen the straps a little ready for landing as they loosened for just a split second it feels like you are coming loose and dropping heart sinks then you instantly realise you only dropped about a centimeter and its back to floating around taking in the view.

As we come into land I pull legs up to slide in onto my arse for a smooth landing, what a feeling that was was a rush you get as you jump out of that plane. One of the ground staff walks up asked about the experience and lets me know we reached 200kph whilst in free fall that’s fast, but I was still a little disappointed though when I found out AJ hit 210kph during his free fall.

As we are waiting for our video packages to be completed a call goes out over  the loud speaker advising there is a spare spot on the plane about to take if any jumpers are interested and i was so close to going again it was exhilarating. I will do it again one day but not that day next time I am thinking 15,000 feet longer freefall and hopefully faster but we will see.

If you are interested check out Adelaide Tandem Skydiving I highly recommend them the experience was great the team out there were awesome really good and just made the whole time your there incredibly easy and stress free and if your a lolly eater on landing you get a lolly pop and even though its just a lolly pop your mouth is so dry from being open in amazement the whole way down it taste incredible.

Is this something you would do or have done, It would be great to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below



About Matt

Hi Everyone

Time to you all a little about me which will hopefully put future post in context for you and let you know that I am just an everyday guy.

I am married to an amazing woman and we have two beautiful children both girls who have just had birthday the eldest is 6 and the younger one is 3. They are both so different and definitely keep me on my toes, I love spending time with but at the same time but at the same time when I get 5 minutes to myself it feels like 30 seconds.

I currently manage an office of produce warehouse but my goal is to become an online entrepreneur, to build a passive income online with the income coming from multiple different sources, affiliate marketing, online advertising from sites like this one, app development, crypto trading, youtube and dailymotion videos and any other source that I can come up with.

This goal is important to me as it will allow me to spend more time with my family especially during the week it always feels like there is not enough time, the standard day is wake get the girls ready, get ready myself, myself or my wife drop them off we go to work. I pick them up, homework, cook dinner, do some type of house work dishes, clothes washing, sweep/mop etc etc. From there its a quick games with  the girls once they finish eating dinner the its already time to get the ready for bed.

Other than developing my income online I have started to put on a few kg’s over the last 5 years to I would like to lose 10+ kilograms I currently weigh 90-92kg’s depending on the day and time and I would  like to get that down below 80kg so they plan is regular exercise and eating at better times of the day no more packets of chips laying in bed watching Netflix.

For now I will leave it at that but overtime there will be more goals added and you will constantly learn more about me throughout future posts and videos.

Cheers seeya back here soon



Hi all and welcome to the new relaunched Mates Madness, here myself and Kieran will be bringing you regular updates on our day to day lives, the out of the normal stuff we get up to together as mates and stuff we do with our families.

We both have some pretty big goals we want to achieve over the next 1-12-24 months we will be sharing with you over the next week. Their are both combined and individual goals, out individual goals we will be each sharing with you in an about me post and the combined goals will follow in a separate post after that. from there we will be giving weekly to monthly updates on those goals both positive and negative because we know like everyone else that life is not always sunshine and rainbows and have no intention of hiding that we are far from perfect.

In addition to that we hope to show you how spending time with both family and especially your mates can bring a little joy to everyone’s lives and release a little stress even if just for a little while. We look forward to interacting with you all through the comments section below so please don’t be shy to share your thoughts along the way.

As a big focus of our site is about spending time with your mates and enjoying life we will also be working to get some of our mates to get post or video a message and in time will be looking for mates of Mates Madness to get post about there experiences as well

thanks for stopping by Kieran and I hope to see you back soon and please if you like what you see please dont hesitate to share our content on your socials