Getting out of bed in the morning

Getting out of bed in the morning can be one of the hardest things to do especially mentally, when things are not going your way day to day many people lay there dreading going through it all over again so I thought that I would give some tips for people to work through to see if any of them work for them.

In a large percentage of cases the thing you are dreading is work related so lets focus on that in this post, lets look at getting you out of bed in the morning and off to work.

The first thing is you need to ensure your mind set right, understand why you are going to work, to pay the bills, put a roof over your head, feed yourself and family. As a result try to look at work as a positive there are many people out there that don’t have a job and those simple tasks become much harder. The next thing is remember there are not many people in this world that have a job that good they live to work, most of us work to live. As a result set goals to make sure you reward yourself foe your hard work, set small goals to give yourself regular reward but also set a large goal something to work towards, something to strive for something that when you finally achieve will give you a real sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. If hitting that goal and giving yourself that reward does not give you that feeling you probably didn’t set the right goal or didn’t make the most out of your reward.

The small goes must also be celebrated because something two years away isn’t great motivation to get up today, small steps.

The next tip is know you create your own destiny, you get out what you put in. Your life is not planned out for you, you decide what happens when it happens or at the least have a very big say in it. So if you want something to happen stop talking about it stop complaining about it not happening and work hard to make it happen. YOU CAN DO IT you just need to push yourself to make sure getting of bed. It all starts with you.

Weekly Wrap

Well another week has come to close pretty much our first full week on the new relaunched Mates Madness, so I thought I we would start providing a bit of a weekly wrap up of what go on.

This week as you have seen we launched some app on the Play Store Match 3 World Edition being the first and in the end 5 more went up. To this point they have note been very successful having a combined total of 8 downloads from the Play Store. From an income point of view we made a little 17 cents with over 1000 impressions and 1 click which is start but still shows we have a long way to go.

Traffic here at Mates Madness has doubled to up to 50 hits per day already which is a great sign, to keep this trend going up we need your support though, please share any content on your socials that you find interesting or that you think someone you know will enjoy.

We have also launched Bidvertiser adds here on Mate Madness as these were only just put in place late in the week we have only generated just over 100 impressions and as a result no income that is showing up at this point. I am not fan at the moment of Bidvertiser due to there reporting but with the site being new and limited traffic we think they are a good starting point but will be working towards Adsense integration.

Around the world of sport the NBL here in Australia came to a close with Melbourne winning the championship beating Adelaide in game 5 check out some stats here on Kieran’s post. I didn’t watch the game so I cant comment on what let Adelaide down or Melbourne did well but the home court advantage over there has really helped Melbourne over Adelaide this year.

While that game was going on Damo came over and we gave my new darts setup its first real workout which was good but I just need to learn to hit those doubles I was in winning positions all 3 games of 501 and only took out the first game after that I could hit a double in probably something like 30+ tries to win. Maybe today I might practice throwing at doubles I mean it cant hurt considering I need to them to win and I hate losing.

So for the weekly wrap that’s pretty much it, moving forward for the week ahead (a short week at work) I am hoping to get up on the play store and 3-5 apps and at least that much content on here for you all to check out.



Family Day Out – Semaphore Kite Festival

Hi All

This weekend my wife and I took our girls down to Semaphore (in Adelaide South Australia) to take a look at the annual kite festival, like normal our eldest feel to sleep about 5 mins into the 25 minute drive down to the beach. This year the celebrations were alot more localised to near the jetty than in past year which was good and bad all at the same time. It was great because you could see all of the kites at once from the jetty but at the same time the jetty was absolutely packed. There was a few people taking there dogs for a walk at the festival which always proves a challenge with both girls be scared as of dogs. They both like them from a far but as soon as they get anywhere near close it complete panic.

On the foreshore there was a small fenced of market area with some stalls, once of which was selling kites and then there was the all of the amusements set up at Semaphore over the summer period still setup again one of those also selling kites. We decided to buy a cheap one to attempt to fly it for the girls. I was able to get the kite in the air for them but we were not able to keep it up for very long but that didn’t matter the girls still had heaps of fun chasing it around.

Check out my footage of the kites on display at the festival, for the first time I have used some video editing software on my phone to merge a couple of small videos together to make a larger one to provide a view from a couple of different angles let me know what you think in the comments below

Semaphore Kite Festival 2018



Australian Ball Tampering and my 2 cents

Hi all

Unless you have been living under a rock you would have heard about the the Australian cricket team and the ball tampering fiasco that occurred during the 3rd test in South Africa. Pre meditated cheated in what is suppose to be a gentlemen’s game is a disgrace but I think the bigger disgrace is how the Australian media has acted.

Cricket Australia has a duty to protect the integrity of the sport in this country but they are a major part of the problem, the have allowed a toxic culture to grow with the game. They have pushed a win at all costs mentality because winning is great for business but when the team has decided to dig deep into that at all costs part they have not stood behind there team, they have thrown them to the wolves. What should be an in house issue has become a media circus. If you compare Cricket Australia to Cricket South Africa who no matter what happens always back there players publicly and probably go to far on occasion with not accepting ICC findings on bans and challenging them. Cricket Australia has done the opposite and said to the public Smith, Warner and Bancroft are on there own and CA is distancing themselves from the players to save the almighty dollar.

In regards to the bans applied by CA they are way to harsh, if you look at them in the context of past incidences of ball tampering in international cricket.  Consider the below

In 2016, footage emerged of Faf du Plessis using a mint to help shine the ball after South Africa’s crushing win over Australia in Hobart.

The ICC charged him with ball tampering. Du Plessis maintained his innocence and even appealed, but the South African skipper had three demerit points on his record.


He already had a history of ball tampering. In 2013 Du Plessis was caught rubbing the ball on the zipper of his pants pocket, and umpires awarded a five run penalty against the Proteas.

Smith has been suspended from competition for a year by Cricket Australia.

Du Plessis later pleaded guilty to ball tampering and was fined 50 percent of his match fee.

In 2014, South African paceman Vernon Philander was captured by cameras scratching the ball in a test in Sri Lanka. He was fined 75 percent of his match fee.

And in 2010, stand-in Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi was caught trying to bite and chew the seam of the ball in Perth. He was found guilty of ball tampering and banned from two Twenty20 International matches.

Source :

On top of there lost CA salaries for the next 12 months Warner and Smith with lose over 2 million dollars each in IPL contracts this year alone.

On top of the 12 month bans there is no guarantee they will even return to state cricket let alone international cricket in 12 months time. The lost sponsors will not be back, the follow on effects to this will last 2-5 years if not there lifetime. They will forever be labelled cheats and they will have to deal with that

What do you think about the punishments handed to the Australian players in the ball tampering scandal

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Vote and share you thoughts in the comments below but I think CA went way over the top based on past ball tamperers. The Australians did that bad of a job the umpires did not even change the ball. The ICC were not even going to suspend Bancroft for 1 game.

Happy Easter

Hi all

Its that time of year where everyone over indulges in chocolate after the Easter Bunny has been to visit, and many of us get 4 much needed days of work. For me the days are more needed than normal as I am feeling a little under the weather with abit of a head cold so 4 days to kick back and relax sound amazing.

At this point we are almost a whole day into the Easter long weekend and I have already been called into work due to a server breakdown which needed to be fixed prior to staff hitting work at 2am tomorrow morning so getting the call now and fixing it today was much better than getting the call in the middle of the night but all the same I would have been much happier if the call had not come at all. From there because we were out and about we all went to visit my dad for Easter the girls were rapt, they got some Easter presents and my dad got to see the girls everyone is happy and one family visit ticked off for the weekend.

I am not sure about you but many of these great breaks from work always seem to come with the obligatory family visits. How do you all feel about these, do you look forward to them, do you feel forced to do them, whilst at them are you just thinking about what you can do with your time once they are finally over. Or are these times with your family still like when you were a child and you look forward to them days or weeks out, the time spent is great and full of fun and enjoyment. I hope you are in the second category its a good place to be, for me my girls love these times so its a little from column A and a little from column B because if they are happy I am happy.

Hopefully in the 3 days remaining there is some time for R&R but I do doubt it, I want to get some work on the backyard done, there are still more family visits to take place and I have a whole heap of apps I would love to sit down and start creating. I mean the sooner they get up on the Play Store the sooner they start making some money.

It would also be great to catch up with Kieran and Damo and throw some darts or shoot some hoops or just have some kind of random fun but we will see how we go about fitting that in, hey maybe they could come and help me with the backyard and get that done a bit faster, I’ll have to figure out the plan for the rest of the weekend and touch base with them to see what there up to.

Anyway I hope you all have a great fun, happy and relaxing Easter

Cheers Matt

Android App 2 – Justice League Slots

Hi All

I want to share with you my new app, I wanted to an app with a theme that I enjoy and as a result I used the Justice League as that theme. Now I am a huge Flash fan so it was great to be able to use that character in an app. I did resist the  urge to make him the jackpot though and instead went with a Justice League leader in Batman which I am sure Kieran will be very happy about.

The game feature the logo’s of some of DC’s greatest superhero’s Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Green Lantern and Red Tornado. Now I have taken a screen video in a little bit of a slow motion capture to ensure you get a good look a the logo’s.

Justice League Slots Game - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Red Tornado

At the current time the game is not available on the Play Store but if you want to give it ago you can download it here


Let me know what you think of Justice League Slots – please don’t be to hard on the adds that’s how we are paying for this site.



Mates Madness’s First App – Match 3 world edition

Hi all

As you may have seen from my about me post one of my goals is to become an online entrepreneur to enable me to set my own hours and spend more quality time with my family. As part of this  I have been investing a considerable amount of time into app development for both Android and IOS. I have looked into coding an decided that

its going to take way to long for me to get to the standard needed to be able to code my own app so I need to come up with another way. I have looked at paying a coder but that takes money and whole heap of trust neither of which I have heaps of at the moment.

Based on all of these conditions I decided I needed to start small drag and drop type stuff or preexisting templates and I found the latter two days ago with Appsgeyser  so I have decided to give them a shot. They have all the bones there for about 70 different types of apps and you just need to set your colour scheme, upload your own images and create your own google play console account (there is a $25 sign up cost for this).

Appsgeyser so far is super user friendly that hardest thing is finding pictures that fit the size requirements, that being said they do provide you links to sites that offer free images. For there templates they do take 50% of the advertising space in your app which is alot but looking at it glass half full prior to having an app through them you have none and they have less so I guess its a win win.

This afternoon I threw an app together really quickly in about 30mins but once I get the hang of it and have the right size pictures it could easily be done in 10-15mins. Now these apps are basic so dont expect anything fancy but have a look at my first effort which is a match 3 app (Match 3 world edition) so far it is only available on Android.

link to the app in the play store

Now as the apps are basic I dont expect to make full time income from this app but think big picture what if I had 50 or 100 of these apps all making 5-10 dollars a day after being live in the play store for a few months the thought has merits and I will keep you up to date with how I go from an income point of view and the other apps I create using Appsgeyser

Hopefully the overall quality of the apps improves with the more I make because I know this one is far from the greatest thing in the market place but I also know that it is far from the worst

hopefully you download the app Match 3 world edition as I would love some feedback on it and dont forget to share this post on your socials



My Garage Transformation

Since moving into a new house 6 months ago our garage has just been storage and far from well organised storage, I am talking we have just thrown stuff in there to deal with it later. Now we don’t plan to park the car in there so it hasn’t really been a major deal and neither the front yard or back yard have been done so there is still plenty of work to be done here. Check my garage in the video below

My garage a complete mess in serious need or a massive clean up. In the 6 months living in our new house stuff has just been thrown in here left anywhere and everywhere you can barely get through check out all of the stuff from the Mates Madness team at Http://

Now as you can see you can only just get from one end to the other, there is stuff everywhere some of if can simply go into the bin. So last weekend I set out about changing that, on my old house I had the dart board up and I would have some mates come around occasionally and we would throw some darts and its time for that to happen again as well.

So I went down to the local hardware store who coincidentally were having a huge sale and picked up so simple to put together shelving – no drilling, screw drivers or allen keys required.  From there I made a plan clear a space in the corner to build and place the first set of 4 storage units, the first one took me a bout 40 minutes while I was figuring out how they went together (yes I know I could have read the instruction but honestly who does that). After I had the first set of shelves up I filled them to create space to build and place the second set. All of the heavy stuff such as spare tiles from the house build down the bottom to give the shelves more stability.

Second one up right next to the first one and large things like left over floating floor across the top of both third and fourth set of shelves up to create a U shape to segregate off the storage section of the garage. Then I tech screwed in some MDF to the back to the set of shelves facing into the garage placed the dart board on that. Setup a foldup table grabbed a camp chair and for now we are done. We still have some items in the garage which still need to find permanent homes or sold on Gum Tree such as the cot a change table and a few other things that our daughters no longer require. Once they are gone and I feel that space to add to the man cave feel I will give you all an update but for now check out the finished product.

If you have checked out my previous video about my garage being a mess check it out so this make sense, I went down to the local hardware store got some shelving on a super special and turned my mess of a garage into great simple storage, a small office for me and a mini man cave. great result I reckon for under $200 Check out what the whole Mates Madness team has to offer at

Since the video was taken my 6yr old a I painted the MDF backing Woodland Grey as per the featured image for the post, this was left over paint used to paint our old zinc fence.

If you like the videos visit you tube and subscribe to our channel.

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Skydiving – Bucket list item ticked off

Like everyone I have a bucket list, a list of things that I want to do one day whilst I can, for me skydiving was one of those items. I mean logically it just seems stupid doesn’t it, first of all why would you want to go up in a tiny plane that has in this case perspex for a door let alone jump out of that plane.

That being said I did just that I went up in that tiny plane, I was strapped in front of this guy I had just met who was a real fidgiter the whole 20ish minute ride up to our jump height 9000 feet he was constantly playing with the harness tightening, adjusting, re tightening, re adjusting and so on and so. I was lucky enough to being going through this with a mate AJ, he was jumping as well he had a completely different type of guy strapped to him all smiles barely adjusting the harness seemed completely relaxed. I wasn’t sure what to think did I have the safety conscious guy and that was a good thing or was my tandem master the guy who controls my fate super nervous.

I was nervous I’m not going to lie, but at the same time I was super excited as we reached height Justin my tandem master handed me some goggles I put them on, and once again he tightened  the re tightened until it felt like my eyes were bulging. Justin tries to slide the clear plastic door out of the way but it get stuck and we miss our jump window, we circle around again AJ and his tandem master jump out. Justin and I waddle towards the door my legs are hanging out the excitement is massive right now, wow its a long way down though we start the rocking motion back and forth to jump

Tandem Skydive with Adelaide Tandem Skydiving at Lower light

Were out were spinning around I’m holding onto my harness as instructed waiting for the tap on the shoulder to throw my arms out, and it comes my arms go out I’m looking around this is amazing what a rush right at that point I am literally just falling through the sky. Then the shoots pulled a small jolt and we are floating the googles come off and its just time to enjoy a casual float around the sky for a few minutes  throughout the rest of the way down. Most of the rest of the way down was just like a lazy Sunday stroll all except when Justin tells you he is going to loosen the straps a little ready for landing as they loosened for just a split second it feels like you are coming loose and dropping heart sinks then you instantly realise you only dropped about a centimeter and its back to floating around taking in the view.

As we come into land I pull legs up to slide in onto my arse for a smooth landing, what a feeling that was was a rush you get as you jump out of that plane. One of the ground staff walks up asked about the experience and lets me know we reached 200kph whilst in free fall that’s fast, but I was still a little disappointed though when I found out AJ hit 210kph during his free fall.

As we are waiting for our video packages to be completed a call goes out over  the loud speaker advising there is a spare spot on the plane about to take if any jumpers are interested and i was so close to going again it was exhilarating. I will do it again one day but not that day next time I am thinking 15,000 feet longer freefall and hopefully faster but we will see.

If you are interested check out Adelaide Tandem Skydiving I highly recommend them the experience was great the team out there were awesome really good and just made the whole time your there incredibly easy and stress free and if your a lolly eater on landing you get a lolly pop and even though its just a lolly pop your mouth is so dry from being open in amazement the whole way down it taste incredible.

Is this something you would do or have done, It would be great to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below



About Matt

Hi Everyone

Time to you all a little about me which will hopefully put future post in context for you and let you know that I am just an everyday guy.

I am married to an amazing woman and we have two beautiful children both girls who have just had birthday the eldest is 6 and the younger one is 3. They are both so different and definitely keep me on my toes, I love spending time with but at the same time but at the same time when I get 5 minutes to myself it feels like 30 seconds.

I currently manage an office of produce warehouse but my goal is to become an online entrepreneur, to build a passive income online with the income coming from multiple different sources, affiliate marketing, online advertising from sites like this one, app development, crypto trading, youtube and dailymotion videos and any other source that I can come up with.

This goal is important to me as it will allow me to spend more time with my family especially during the week it always feels like there is not enough time, the standard day is wake get the girls ready, get ready myself, myself or my wife drop them off we go to work. I pick them up, homework, cook dinner, do some type of house work dishes, clothes washing, sweep/mop etc etc. From there its a quick games with  the girls once they finish eating dinner the its already time to get the ready for bed.

Other than developing my income online I have started to put on a few kg’s over the last 5 years to I would like to lose 10+ kilograms I currently weigh 90-92kg’s depending on the day and time and I would  like to get that down below 80kg so they plan is regular exercise and eating at better times of the day no more packets of chips laying in bed watching Netflix.

For now I will leave it at that but overtime there will be more goals added and you will constantly learn more about me throughout future posts and videos.

Cheers seeya back here soon