My Current Frustration May Just Motivate You

There are a number of things that frustrate me in life at the moment but my number one complaint at the moment is people not taking accountability. All day at work at the moment I hear “it wasn’t me” or “it’s not my job” sometimes it “I don’t know how” even though it’s been part of there job for 12 months or more. This infuriates me, it just shows how lazy some people are that they are so willing to let other people do there jobs for them that they are happy to be part of a team but not be a team player.

I think we should all take pride in our jobs whatever it is, hold ourselves accountable to perform that job to the standard required and realise that the way we do our job, our actions effect other people.

I believe that to do a process correct its best to understand the importance of the process, what the consequences of the process not being done or being done right.

Lets take Mates Madness as an example, if Kieran or I don’t add content content people stop coming back and overtime Google indexes us lower in searches. On the opposite side if we add regular quality content people come back to check for new content, they potentially share our content on there socials and drive other people to our site to see our content. Taking pride in our site taking accountability in the fact the site relies on us regularly adding new content to succeed is what will drive us to achieve outback goals.

Think about what you need to take some accountability in from your day to day life to improve. Think about how your part of of the process effects others and you can do it better. From there set yourself some structure, create some goals to allow yourself to hit the targets required of you. Ensure your goals are not capped at just what is required though stretch yourself, have secondary and other additional goals beyond the minimum requirements. Work with the people around you to share your knowledge and learn from them to allow you all to become stronger and smarter together.

This site was originally designed for everyone to know they have mates to know your a re not alone there are other people out there that share some of your interests your ideas and frustrations. So a small part of that I am asking you to hold yourself to account not just for you but for your mates, your friends your family, your work mates and everyone else in your life. The harder you work for others the more others will be there to support you in your time of need. These people may not always be the person you expect but I can tell you it will be someone who has your respect.

Deadpool 2 and New Deadpool App

The weekend just gone I went to the Cinema to see Deadpool 2, now if you are a dodgy downloader that is thinking I will just download this one when it’s available do yourself a favour and head out and see this one on the big screen you wont regret it. There is so much action is this movie that watching it on a small screen won’t do it justice. As with the first Deadpool movie you also get a whole heap of laughs.

The movie doesn’t shy away from the gory stuff with a few decapitations, bodies chopped in half and other limbs lost. Check out the trailer for the movie below

In addition to checking out the new movie I also spent my weekend making a couple of new Android apps which have recently gone live on the playstore, the theme for all of these apps was of course Deadpool to capitalise on the new Deadpool 2 movie.

The first app is the Deadpool Fidget Spinner  this app can be quite addictive and there are quite a few different fidget spinners to unluck all revolving around Deadpool. Some of these are pictures of Deadpool and some are actual fidget spinners with Deadpool pics or logos on them.

The 2nd app is a version of Astronaut Space Walk except you are Deadpool dodging walls  I think you have to play this one just to see Deadpool hit a wall the relaxed fashion he falls to the ground. Let me know if you can beat my top score of 18 upload your highscore screenshots to twitter and tag us @matesmadness.

The 3rd app is a Deadpool Match  Puzzle app where you need to remove the different Deadpool images in groups of two or more ensuring you don’t leave any solo logo’s by themselves I can’t get past level 4 myself

The 4th app is a simple Match 3 game where you need to line up 3 or more of the same Deadpool image to score. If you can line up 4 or more or get two groups of 3 at the same time you score even higher and earn yourself extra moves.

If you are a Deadpool or just a general game fan download our apps and leave us a review, remember these games will have ads and they are there to support the Mates Madness website with hosting costs and hopefully done the track some product purchases that we can then review and share with you all.

Let me know your favourite app or if you have a favourite character that you would like me to make a similar app with.



Weekly Wrap 20th May 2018

Well its been a frustrating week for me, as mentioned in my footy comeback post I strained my hamstring in week 2 of my comeback. As a result everytime I move my leg I can feel the muscle pulling, daily tasks as simple as walking bending reaching up high or to the side have caused discomfort. For the first few nights everytime I moved in my sleep I would wake and even sitting here now typing I can feel the muscle almost pulsating.

Our next post of the week was Kieran’s, question about what is you favourite sport and sharing his favourite sport. From there we move to one of the worlds most amazing natural waterfalls with this weeks blast from the past Niagara Falls. If you have not already done so check out the video and listen to the noise that the falls generate.

Our final post of the week was Kieran sharing his Batman wish list with everyone, if your a fan of the Dark Night check this post out as there are some really cool stuff on the list.

As you can see its been another quiet week content wise, but we have been busy working on other things such as some new apps which should go live in the Playstore today.

Once confirmed these new apps are live we will share them with you and also give you abit of background why we choose to build those apps.

That the weekly wrap



Niagara Falls 2009 Blast From the Past

In the 2nd week of blast from the past I want to share with you footage from my visit to Niagara Falls in 2009, this is from the same holiday where I visited LA and had the Ifly experience that I shared last week. We spent a week in New York City and on one of those days we caught the train to JFK airport and took a flight to Buffalo where we were picked up by a bus tour for a trip to Niagara Falls. We only visited the US side of the falls but we could see Canada (its the closest we have been  to Canada). We visited a visitor centre did the obligatory souvenir shopping before taking a couple of falls walks where they give you bright poncho’s to wear as the is waterfall mist everywhere and without them you would get drenched pretty quickly.


Footage from my trip to the US side of Niagara falls in 2009, an we spent a week in New York and on one of those days we flew up to Buffalo and took a bus tour from there to the falls. Something I would highly recommend doing if you are in the area. It wasn't expensive to do from New York so if you are in the state or even Washington DC get yourself on a plane to Buffalo and visit Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the name for a group of 3 water falls the are on the Canada, US border, the 3 falls are the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls the second 2 are entirely on the American side of the border. As you can see from the video huge amounts of water gush over the sides of the falls every second, the mist created is huge.

You can see this on TV and in videos like mine but they will not compare to the amazing sights you will see, noise you will here and atmosphere you will experience if you ever make it to Niagara Falls in person.

Footy Comeback Week 2 update

Hi All

Well game 2 of my Aussie Rules comeback was not a great one, the team was short leaving us with no one on the bench resulting in the coach and runner pulling on a jumper for the just in case factor. Although us being short was a bad thing it also gave me much needed game time on the ground allowing me to start on the field. I started in a back pocket a position I have probably only played 4 or 5 times in my entire career so it was a bit different. On top of not playing the position we were playing a fit team with a strong bench meaning the ball was down there constantly, the player I was on was either clever or really lazy and he wasn’t keen to go at the ball much and always ended get the ball over the back, most of the time it looked like he almost hadn’t moved and happened to just be in the right place.

At quarter time I got moved to the half forward line and managed to get a couple of possessions, but continually found myself over running the ball, miss reading the bounce, getting a bad bounce or just fumbling the ball it was very frustrating.

At half time the body was starting to stiffen up a little as it was more than I had run in a long time, I got a my hands on the ball early in the third and when pushing my self hard to mark a ball I felt it got ping my right hamstring was gone, I pulled up super quick barely able to put pressure I my right leg even though the ball was still in the vicinity I could barely move the leg was tight and any movement of my leg shot pain through my hamstring. I came from the ground instantly I spent the rest of the game watching the rest of the 100 point drubbing from the bench. I had never done a hamstring before but I can tell you it is painful, until straining the muscle you have no idea how much you use it. It was my right leg so driving home was agony braking accelerating everything causing pain to shoot through my leg. I was suppose to be at the showdown but I needed to get home and start icing the hammy, I have a split level house and getting up those five stairs to get to the freezer felt like I was climbing a mountain. I spent the night on and off icing it until trying to sleep which was annoying that night any movement of my leg and I was awake. The next day I was pretty much stuck to the couch which sucked because I was suppose to be the one doing everything for my wife (Sarah) with it being Mothers day and I have arranged for my sister to come over for lunch to have an early birthday lunch for Sarah’s birthday.

Two days on now there is still some pain and quite a bit of discomfort walking, driving and almost anything relating to moving my leg. Looks like game 3 of the footy comeback might be a few weeks away.

For the next week or so compression bandages and in a few days some light stretching followed by trying to strengthen the muscle and surrounding muscles such as the glutes to stop it from happening again.

Weekly Wrap 13 May 2018

Well another week has passed and we have had a pretty good week in they way of content here on Mates Madness. The week started with Kieran discussing his favourite movies where he shared one of the benefits of watching a movie more than once and also asked some good questions such as do you have a sick/feeling down movie. For me this is a selection of movies especially when I was a kid, the movies were Top Gun, who didn’t grow up wanting to be MaverickBloodsportJean Claude Van Damme really kicks arse in the Kumite. Hard to Kill where Steven Seagal just won’t die (and you can take that to the bank) watch the movie you will get the reference, Rookie of the Year – a complete change of pace from the action movies above but what kid doesn’t dream of making it to the big time and the last addition to this list is Romeo Must Die staring Jet Li plenty of action and some awesome slightly non conventional fight scenes such as the fire hose scene.

Our next post of the week was the launch of our bitcoin competition to help promote our site and Youtube channel, if you have not subscribed to our channel do so now and you are half way to entering our competition to win 500,000 Satoshi.

The next post of the week was our brand new weekly post Blast From the Past  where we will be sharing something from our past, a memorable event that either we enjoyed or had significant meaning in our life. For the first instalment I shared 1 of many enjoyable moments from my holiday to America in 2009. This moment was when I tried indoor skydiving at Ifly Los Angles.

The week ended with the Showdown which was a nail bitter with the lead changing twice in the last minute, I am spewing I going to the game due to getting injured in game 2 of my footy comeback (I will tell you about this over the next few days, sitting for to long at once hurts at the moment). Kieran took some great footage of the game be sure to check it out.

The final post of the week was a quick Mothers Day tribute to all the mums out there who mean so much to us as they constantly give so much, my kids spoilt my wife they had some really cool things for her so it was a good day in our house. At the same time I missed my mum and due to struggling to walk or drive wasn’t able to get to the cemetery to say hi to her.

Hope you had a good week and hope to see you back here again soon.

Blast From the Past – IFly Los Angeles

To give you all a bit of history on myself and Kieran and any other regular contributors to the site such as Damo we have introduced a new recurring weekly post Blast from the Past. This post will feature either videos or photos from something in the authors past. This could range from significant life events to travel or anything else there imagination was  able to conjure up at some point in there past.

For me personally for the next few months I will focus on travel photo’s and videos taken whilst  travelling both throughout Australia and Overseas.

I thought that I would start with a video from my trip to America (USA) whilst there we spent our first week in Los Angeles which was pretty awesome we did some some great things and ticked off a few items that were previously on the bucket list. One of those items was Universal Studios, the video below is not about Universal Studios but Universal Walk just outside the theme park which is full of shops and small attractions.

One of those attractions was Ifly which is indoor sky diving in a large wind tunnel type thing, this was an awesome experience, now its not the rush of actual skydiving which I have since done but still pretty damm good all the same. Its heaps of fun without the extreme risk such as jumping out of a perfectly good plan

As mentioned above this is the first of a brand new post type to Mates Madness as a result we would love your feedback. Also have you tried indoor skydiving before what did you think?



Win Free Bitcoin Mates Madness 1st Competition

To help promote Mates Madness and get our name out there more we are going to run a competition where you can win free Bitcoin, it will be run over the next 2 months May and June  to be Sunday July 1st 2018 with the winner to be announced in the June Wrap Up. If you want to win free Bitcoin keep reading below on how to enter.

The competition will award the winner to 500,000 Satoshi currently worth approx $50 US, if Bitcoin was to go back to 20k though it would be worth $100 US so the more the value of Bitcoin the bigger the prize.

To enter the competition to win free bitcoin you need to complete a couple of simple tasks

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Bonus Entries

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All comments must be written in English to be valid, the competition must have 100 valid entries to be live if not the deadline will be extended by 1 month. If the winner does not wish to claim there winnings in Bitcoin they will have the option to get $50 transfered to them via PayPal.

Please remember this is about driving traffic to Mates Madness and our You tube channel so for us to run other competitions in the future if you decide to enter you need to keep your shares and subscriptions active any one caught deleting there shares or unsubscribing during the competition will be removed from the running and banned from future competitions.

Special bonus – if we get over 2,500 entrants we will double the prize to 1,000,000 Satoshi.

Each entry to win free bitcoin will be allocated a number based on the order of entry, The winner will then be draw using a random number generator app, the running of the random number generator will be filmed and the video uploaded to our You Tube channel

Myself, Kieran and the rest of the team at Mates Madness wish you the best of luck in winning the 1st ever Mates Madness free bitcoin competition. Remember the competition is free to enter so you have nothing to lose so give a go now and you could be the lucky one to win free Bitcoin.

Good Luck


Weekly Wrap 6th May 2018

A slow week here on Mates Madness with only 2 posts featured on the site during the week starting with Kieran ask everyone which VFL team he should coach when starting his coach career on AFL Evolution.

The 2nd being my footy comeback which was only posted this morning after playing yesterday which was much harder than I could have imagined.

For me it was a tough week overall which is part of the reason I did not get on here as much as I should have to contribute and share with you all. This week on Wednesday afternoon my Nana passed away, we had not been close in a very long time but it still hit me quite a bit harder than what I had expected. We all knew she didn’t have much time left as she had been unwell for some time. As mentioned I had not been close with my Nana for sometime but when I was younger I had a huge amount of respect for her she cared for her mum my Nan Con for years (my great grandmother), I would go up to Nan Cons house every holidays and help out by maintaining the yard, pruning hedges, trimming trees, mowing lawns and whatever else was required. As with everything over time things change people change and in this case my Nan and I changed as a result we were no longer as close. Each of made decisions which had consequences which as a result pushed us further apart to the point of very limited contact. In my case I would generally visit her to appease my Dad as he was still very close to his mum. After all that though this week when she passed away it wasn’t the bad memories that filled me it was the good memories from when I was a kid that I remembered which is why it hit me much harder than that I thought.

I will miss my Nana but at the same time I am glad to be remembering the good memories not the bad stuff from over the last decade or so.

My Footy Comeback

As mentioned in last weeks weekly wrap I had been thinking about playing football again, after much thinking I decided to give it ago. Yesterday I made  my debut for the Modbury Hawks D grade and wow did it show me exactly how unfit I really am. I sat on the bench for the first half and when I finally I got on the ground I played for about 10 minutes and my leg muscles were tightening and I could barely breath. I have a long way to go in the fitness side of things to be able to run out a quarter let alone a game.

I managed to get a couple of handballs in my 20 odd minutes in the second half and laid a shepherd which allowed a team mate to kick a goal. I had my own chance to get on the score board but fumbled the dew covered ball.

After game one based on my limited playing time the legs are fine but my left shoulder is in a fair bit of pain I don’t even remember the incident which injured it but I know that the point of my shoulder is dam sore. It has a similar type of pain to when I injured my AC joint when I was younger. So the play for the next week is just to limit use of it where possible and apply volataren over the next week to allow it to heal enough to play next week.

From here improvement is tough, I am going to struggle to get out on the training track in time to participate in training with Sarah not getting home from work until half way through training. Maybe for the time being I can head out late and just focus on running to get some k’s into the legs and improve my lung capacity and treat it similar to a preseason and hopefully the skills come back naturally over time the more game time I get throughout the rest of the season.

Goals for this season other than to just get through it, it would be great to get on the scoreboard, start on the ground and run out an entire quarter. Small steps in the comeback, If get through the rest of the season then I can sit back and seriously think about next season, will I go around again which at this point I would like to, if so am I going to put a bit more work into and really give it everything possible. Only time well tell on this though depending how this year goes.

Over the next few weeks I will try to organise some photos and video footage of how I am progressing.