Power vs Melbourne round 14

Everyone this was Port third home game in a row and the second and more than likely final Friday night game for the Power in 2018, we will have to wait and see if they get the Friday night game for round 23 which date and times haven’t been realised yet but this will be highly unlikely unless the game against Essendon is pivotal to how the final 8 finish

You will probably notice a different view in the video I decide to sit somewhere different to watch /record the Match from and get a different perspective for you watching our video.

Adelaide based Melbourne game have been waiting to see there team playing well for quite some time and would have been very excited to see there team come into town in finals contention for the first time in along time.

The the final scores for the match were

Port 1.3 (9) 4.6 (30) 8.7 (55) 11.9 (75)
Melbourne 3.5 (23)  4.8 (32) 9.9 (63) 9.11 (65)

Ports first and only goal for the first quarter came at Quarter time from Brad Ebert set shot after the siren, at Quarter time Port only had 10 free kicks to Melbourne’s 16, with Melbourne getting all there free kicks Port fans were not happy as you would expect because they are so passionate. At the end of the game port finished in front for the free kicks having a total of 30 and Melbourne only having 24 free kicks this would be primary due to port starting to play harder and getting in front more.

Port didn’t report any injuries at the end of the game but some of the players did appear to be managed staying of the bench for longer then they normally would have.
Melbourne reported two injuries, the highly creative defensive Neville Jetta rolling his ankle and getting a head knock and  Tom McDonald getting hit in the ribs Tom will have scans on his chest in the coming days. They both played out the game so depending on scans they will more than likely be good to go next week pending passing a late week fitness test.

There were some big name players missing Jack Watts will be playing another week in the SANFL and as a result missed out playing against his old team and I’m pretty sure this would have been tough for him to take as he would have been keen to prove a point to his old team mates that he does still have plenty to offer at AFL level.

A  couple of big names for Melbourne that missed out are Jake Lever who is out for the season with an ACL and a favourite of mine Dom Tyson I feel he is a key player in their midfield to drive the ball out congestion and into their forward line, due to Port strong in and under bodies I would have brought him into the team.

If you watched the match what did you enjoy about the game and were you happy with how the match went

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World Cup Highlights – Video of the Week

Everyone with the World cup going on at the moment I thought I would do some Highlights of the World cup from Australia’s, Portugal’s and Argentina’s match so far

If you have been watching the world cup how do you think its going and if your country made it are you happy with how they are going or would you like to see them be playing better then what they are playing like. I’m happy with how Australia played against France to keep them scoreless in the first half and defend for a lot of that match it was something I thought that this is a whole new Australian side then we have seen before at the world cup or playing in friendlies.

I reckon that the match should have been a 1-1 draw you could see that the French player dove but I’m just biased because I’m from Australia I would like to hear what other people from other country thought was it a penalty or not.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and go the Socceroos
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The Ultimate Gaming Setup I Want 1

Everyone I thought I would talk about something I just found looking around on YouTube

It’s something I really like and I’m sure most gamers would love this setup as well if they are gaming every single day or at least gaming 4 times a week on the computer or on a console.You can you see a video of the whole setup here. The video is by Unbox Therapy which you can check out here. www.youtube.com/unboxtherapy

My favourite part of the whole setup would have to be all the RGB lights from the keyboard to the chair. This is a ridiculous setup with how much power it would be using from the Monitors, the lights in the chair and the PC itself. But how many people can say they have a gaming setup like not that many can say they do but if I had a setup like this instead of a PS4 I would have an Xbox one.

Another thing I like on the setup would have to be the fridge and snack cart so you wouldn’t have to get up from playing your game to go get something to eat or go and get a cold beverage. You can just keep playing games for hours instead of getting up when you want something you don’t have to what for a quiet part in the game your playing or you die in a certain game you can just turn your chair around a bit and get that item of food or that cold drink.

If you would like to see what my gaming setup currently looks like at the moment you can do so by clicking this link my-gaming-setup
If you think would like to see my setup change a bit to make it a little different I would like to hear some of the ideas and maybe I might make those changes to my setup. If I do change anything on my setup you will be the first to know.

I would like to hear about what your favourite part in the whole setup is and why that was your favourite part or would you change anything from the setup.

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Pokemon Quest Kieran’s Review and Pokedex

Everyone with Pokémon quest coming out recently I thought I would talk about how my pokedex is going at the moment

You can see a video of every page of the pokedex and how it is going I thought I would talk to you about how I got those Pokémon in the pokedex and what type of recipe I used to get those certain Pokémon.

You can see a picture of all the Recipe for all the Pokémon and what type of Pokémon you can get down below most of my Pokémon have come from the Mulligan stew recipe you can see that I have a Bulbasaur and that came from the veggie smoothie recipe. The next two Pokémon that I would like to get are Charmander and Squirtle making it that I have all the start from the first Generation.
here is where you can see all the recipes for the Game

At the start of the game you have a choice of five Pokémon to chose which are Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu and Evvee. The Pokémon I chose to pick was Evvee as my favourite Pokémon out of the first generation is Vaporeon. If you want to play the game it’s free and you can buy additional DLC which helps you in the game. With the DLC you get 4 Pokémon to help with the pokedex, the 4 Pokémon are Snorelax, Lapras, nidoran male and nidoran female. These also come with a special move aswell.

You can see that I have got all the pages filled yet but I’ve got at least a couple on every page I’m thinking of getting the DLC to help me get more Pokémon in my pokedex but I’m not quite sure if its value for money. Let me know what you think about the DLC and if you think that it is worth it, see all of what you get in the DLC here Pokemon-quest DLC

I will keep you updated throughout the rest of the year showing you how my pokedex is going and letting you know if I finally give in and buy the DLC. I am sure if people keep playing this Nintendo will do an update for this and including adding some new generations into the game to keep players playing and increase the push for players to get every single Pokémon that there has been created

Thanks for reading and I really hope you enjoyed reading about my Pokémon Quest Pokedex and how I’m going at this stage.

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AFL Round 13 Power vs Bulldogs

Everyone Thursday night football was back and Port Adelaide had it hosting the Western Bulldogs the Bulldogs were looking for another win going in to the match with only 4 wins but port was also going into the match to keep their finals chance alive.

this was Todd Marshall first game of the season after he missed most of last year going on compassionate leave after the death of his dad and them only a couple of months after that the death of his mother aswell is sad to lose one parent let alone both and only being 19 years old you will have to fill for him. There was a minute applause at the 13-minute mark of the first quarter to show support to Todd as he wears the number 13 you can see a video of the applause down below and see the sportsmanship from the bulldogs aswell.

fans applaud marshall in special moment

Ollie wines and Robbie Gray both had great games again with them both getting more then 25 disposals and Robbie kicking 3 goals and Ollie kicking just 1. The forwards also had a great game aswell with Charlie Dixon and Tom Rockliff kicking 3 goals each.

Paddy Ryder is trying his best to get the all Australian Ruckmen again and go back to back he got one goal but he won almost every single hit out and ruck contest when he was on the ground.

Chad Wingard and Sam Powell-Pepper played liked they always do getting the ball and getting out to there teammates and try and help get goals. Chad help out and got a game high total of 30 disposals putting just behind Ollie wines in the team disposals getter for the game and Sam got 24 disposals. If I was coaching a team and I could bring in some players the go in hard and get the ball Chad and Sam would be my first two picks in the team.

the first quarter wasn’t the best from the bulldogs only kick a behind and port kick 5 goals which means port were going into quarter time controlling the game. But in the second quarter I saw a completely different Western Bulldogs side from the first quarter they were able to get the ball into the forward fifty and have chance at getting goals, and they did going into half time kicking 4 goals and keeping port to only 3 goals and port going into half time with a total of 8 goals. Ken Hinkley (port Coach) must have not been happy at Half time because Port came out in the third quarter and kicked six goals and keeping the bulldogs to only 4 and the did the same in the fourth quarter aswell kicking another six goals taking the final score to 20.12 (132) and keeping the bulldogs to only kick 3 in the fourth taking the final score to 11.9 (75)

If you saw the game and you are a port fan you would have been happy with that result.

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Basketball trick shots- Video of the week

Everyone for this video of the week I have found a basketball related trick shots (HORSE) video which you should also know that me and Matt like basketball,I support the Utah jazz and he supports the New York Knicks. I think it would really funny to see us attempt some of the trick shots from the video if we do we will be sure to record it for you all.

My favourite trick shot would have to be from just outside the arc throwing the ball over their heads trying to get it in the hoop this is probably one of the trickiest shot to attempt and also get the ball in the hoop. Another shot I like is the ball bouncing once and going off the hoop and back in you see them attempt it and you can see only one of them gets it so a 25% chance of me getting it if try at least 4 times. I will try and make a video of some of these trick shots in a video and some of my own with hopefully Matt in the video aswell

Thanks for reading about this week video of the week I would to hear about what you favourite trick shot was and why it was you favourite trick shot and also if you would like to see a similar video of Matt or Myself trying to attempt these and maybe if we make a video you can recommend some trick shots you would like to me or Matt trying to attempt.

If you would like to recommend a video of the week I could watch I will take those ideas and maybe make one of them the video of the week and say in the post that you were the person to recommend the video for the video of the week.

Until next time

5 sports experiences every sports fan must experience at least once

Everyone I thought I would talk about some experiences if you’re a sports fan you should try if you’ve got the chance to do at least once.
My first experience would have to be Baseball at Yankee Stadium this is the place any New York Yankees fan or even just a baseball fan would have to go to I have never been but it’s a dream of mine to go and watch a match there you can see in the picture below of how pristine the grass and the whole place and also how far you will need to hit the ball to get a home run.

My second experience would have to be Soccer/Football at Wembley Stadium all football (soccer) fans would say this is the place to watch football and when the FA cup Tournament starts all the English teams are trying there best to get there and be able to hold up the FA cup and add it to their trophy cabinet.

My third experience would have to be Cricket at Lords it isn’t just called lords it is also the home of cricket every cricket fan and player tries to get there if you’re an Australian your best chance of probably getting there is during an ashes series of England but also the Head of Cricket works out of Lords and that is where all the current rules for cricket are made.

My fourth experience would have to be Sumo Wrestling in Japan the home of Sumo Wrestling how fast and strong these men are and how much they go through just to win a single match I’ve never been to Japan to actually see a Sumo match but I have watch some videos on them and you can see hard they go in those matches in video so I can only think of how much it would be to see it in real life.

My final experience would have to be UFC in Las Vegas the Gambling Capital of the world but also the home of the UFC you see how much a fighter puts in every day just to get ready for a fight and when the fight happens you can see how much they have put in for that fight and each fighter is trying there best to be able to get to fight for the Championship.


Thanks for reading and if you think I have left any out I would like to hear them and why you think I should have put them on this list
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AFL Round 12 Power vs Tigers

Everyone this was a very big game for Port Adelaide in the context of the season coming up against the reigning premiers Richmond at the start of the week Richmond were the favourite for this game but after the news of Dustin Martin not playing this game the betting shifted with Port then becoming the favourites.  During the game it showed that Dusty is a key for Richmond as the Tigers looked slow and out of place in the mid field a clearly missed some of the class and space the have when Martin has ball in hand.

The first goal of the game was from Charlie Dixon getting the ball from Sam Powell-Pepper kicking it from at least the centre wing and Dixon taking on Alex Rance and pushing him out of the way to get a strong contested mark. There wasn’t much more for the first quarter with Richmond making the most of there opportunities going into quarter time with the lead.

The second Quarter started off with Jack Riewoldt kicking his second goal of the game and extending Richmond’s lead but after that Port were very good and stopped Richmond scoring power only  allowing them to kick another goal for that quarter while the Power kicked 7 making the Half time score port 9.5 (58) to Richmond 5.6 (36)

After Chad Wingard’s recent poor form over the last few weeks there was clearly a decision made for him to spend alot more time in the midfield, this appeared to do wonders for his confidence by allowing him to get his hand on the ball resulting in a game high 31 disposals. Ollie Wines  also had a very good game showing why he wants to stay at the club next year 28 disposals, 12 tackles, 10 inside 50s and seven clearances, they also got some great support with Sam Powell-Pepper also getting 28 disposals who spent quite abit of time of Trent Cotchin trying to get under his skin.
Jaspar Pittard made his return to AFL football and slotted straight back into the backline helping out with good pressure and some good intercept marks but his usual poor disposal was an issue.

With Lindsay Thomas and Jack Trengrove in good form in the SANFL there will be pressure for spots at the selection table next round with Jake Neade, Dan Houtson and Jack Watts having quiet games the will be questions asked if they are doing enough

Tom Rockliff appears to have settled into his new side and adjusting team game plans and his new team mates racking up 25 disposals making him in the top 5 of ball getters for the power.
This takes Port to 7 wins and 4 losses and gives Richmond there third loss of the season with the other two losses and the hands of Adelaide at the Adelaide oval and West Coast in round 9

If you watched the AFL Round 12 Power vs Tigers game what did you think, did you enjoy it

Until next time


5 of my Favourite Fast Cars

Everyone I thought I would talk about what I think are my five favourite fastest cars. Maybe you might think the same as me or you might think a car needs to be on the list. This list is no particular order but here goes my top 5 fast cars

Car number 1 on the list is the McLaren F1 it can reach a top speed of 387 KMH (241 MPH) it is also equipped with a 6.1 litre BMW M V12 engine and it produces 670 Horse Power but your all probably wondering how fast does it goes from 0 to 100 KMH it can do that in just 3.2 seconds but one of these cars sole in 2013 for $8.47 million US.

Speedster number 2 the Lamborghini Aventador the top speed record is 354 KMH (220 MPH) it can go for 0 to 100 KMH in just under 3 seconds at 2.9 if I was going to do a drag race this would probably be the car I would chose because it can a quarter mile in just 10.6 seconds the Horse Power on this car is pretty great at 690.

Sweet ride number 3 is the younger sibling of the Aston martin db9 it the Aston Martin db11 this is another car with a v12 engine it’s a 5.2 lite twin turbo v12 and the engine is called AE31 making the db11 the first ever turbocharged car Aston Martin has ever made the engine provide the car with 600 hp and it can from 0 to 100 KMH in 3.8 seconds. And it has a top speed of 322 KMH (200 MPH) and it can do a quarter mile in 11.7 second.

Insanely Fast number 4 is  Koenigsegg Agera it currently holds the world record form going to 0-400-0 KMH in just 36.44 seconds which is pretty damn fast I reckon it might take a couple of years before this record is beaten it goes form 0 to 100 in just 2.8 seconds is fitted with a 5.0 litre twin-turbo v8 engine which has 927 hp this is also a car I would like to own or at least be able to drive in the future.

Rounding out the 5 fast cars is the awesome Ferrari LaFerrari which can reach a top speed of 349 KMH (217 MPH) and go from 0 to 100 in just over 2 seconds at 2.4 also Ferrari has claimed that it can go around it Fiorano test Circuit in 1.19.70 which is faster then any of the other road legal car they have produced. It also has a 6.3 litre v12 engine and also has 799 horse power which means it has the most horsepower out all the cars that I have said are my favourite fastest cars.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to hear about what you favourite car is on the list or ever

Until next time

Video of the Week

Everyone for the second video of the week I found a challenge type video that I know Matt and myself would like to try it and upload to our youtube channel which you can find here https://www.youtube.com

You can see in the video I found are just some mates kicking around the football in an AFL related challenge with you trying to not get the letters of the word HORSE which means you try and get a goal and try not get any letters of the word horse. Courtesy of the video goes to Dylan Holt and you can check out his youtube channel by clicking the link here https://www.youtube.com

My favourite shot in the whole video would have to be the dribble kick on the boundary to get it in and try not get the first letter of Horse this is probably one of the hardest kick to do if you haven’t done it before I haven’t done this shot but I reckon if I practice it I will be able to get it. I reckon the hardest shot other the shot dribble kick from the boundary would have to be the opposite foot torpedo kick. The reason why is because how many times would you use your other foot to kick the football let alone do a torpedo kick.

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the second post of video of the week leave a comment if you would like to see Matt and myself try this challenge. Also, in that comment why not say what your favourite shot is and why that shot is your favourite shot in the video.

If you would like to see a type of video for video of the week I would like to hear you thoughts and maybe make them a video of the week.

until next time