AFL Round 21 Power vs Eagles

Everyone this was maybe a finals match preview that was on show at the Adelaide oval for Round 21.

If power won this game they would move into the top four and if Eagles won they would stay in the top two.

You can notice at the start of the video that the eagles banner wasn’t up when the eagles players came out from the race to run through the banner it was quiet windy there so the eagles banner people where probably trying to keep the banner down for as long a possible but to not have the banner up when the players are already on the field to run through is probably not good enough.

The Match started off alright with Robbie gray kicking a goal from the boundary and running around the get the better angle at the goal, with that goal it started port’s very good run for the rest of the first quarter kicking 5.1 to the eagles only kick one goal in the first quarter with just over 2.30 left in the quarter and it came from Elliott Yeo.

The second quarter was a little bit slower from the power only able to kick a goal and a behind with the eagle kicks 2 goals and a behind the port only goal cam late in the quarter from a kick from Motlop in the centre square to Kane Farrell in to forward fifty and him kick his fifth afl goal in his only third ever AFL game.

The third quarter the power and eagles were able to kick goal taking port goals for the match at the end of the third quarter to 9 goals and eagles to 6 if the eagle wanted to win the game they would need to control the ball for the whole of the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter the power were missing Ryder (hip flexor), Dixon (ankle), Houston (concussion) which made it a little bit harder on the power to control the tempo of the game missing their key ruck man their key forward and a crucial defender and only having one spare spot on the bench to change players in the quarter so most of the players would of had to play most of the fourth quarter with out being able to go to the bench to have a rest. The Eagles were able to take control of port missing three player being able to kick 3 goals and 3 behinds to win the game it was DEJA VU for Port with Jeremy McGovern playing in the forward line for the whole of the last quarter for the Eagles and marking the ball with 27 seconds to go if he missed the goals Port would of won the game but just like in the final last they weren’t  able to take the victory

Dixon will miss the rest of the season and if the power were to make finals he will probably miss those to. Ken Hinkley said Ryder is still a chance that he might play against the Magpies next Saturday but we will not know until Wednesday afternoon if he will be alright to play against the Magpies. Houston was carried of the medicab because he was knocked out he got hit in the ribs and has had some x-rays and Hinkley says he should be fine. With the injuries the power will be going into the match against the Magpies as outsiders but the Power have beaten them the last four time they have played each other.

Final score of the game
Power 1st 5.1(31) HT 6.2 (38) 3rd 9.2(56) FT 9.4 (58)
Eagle 1st 1.1 (7) HT 3.2 (20) 3rd 6.5 (41) FT 9.8 (62)

thanks reading and watch the video until next time


AFL Venue Record broken

Everyone today the 29th of July 2018 Jack Hombsch will become the first ever player in AFL history to play an AFL match during home and away or finals series.

he has played at this 19 stadiums before he will play at Mars stadium in Ballarat today

Adelaide Oval
ANZ Stadium
Blundstone Arena
Etihad Stadium
AAMI Stadium
GMHBA Stadium
Jiangwan Stadium
Manuka Oval
Optus Stadium
Spotless Stadium
TIO Stadium
TIO Traeger Park
York Park

He will goes past AFL greats in the names of Paul Salmon and Robert Harvey this will be a record which will probably take a little time to break because there are some of these ground players that are starting in the AFL will never get the chance to play at and if the records was to be broken in the near future the AFL will need to add another stadium for a team to play at and if it was Port Jack would have to be left out of the side if he doesn’t play at any new venue for the rest of his AFL career this record could stand for a very long time and not be broken for probably about 30 to fifty years if it gets broken before the 30 years i would be amazed but it could happen. This record he will be braking it will be before he plays 100 game how many players past, present or future will be able to say they have an afl record before the have played 100 AFL games not that many.

Power vs Giants AFL Round 18

Everyone this was a massive match for both of the teams if the Power won they would of gone into the top and if the Giants won they would of kept the finals chances alive.

The first Quarter started off with the Giants getting the first score of the match but it was just a behind and then port took advantage of the kick in and took the ball down the ground with Robbie Gray kick the ball in the forward to try and get the first goal of the match but it just fell short but Brad Ebert was near the goal square when Robbie kicked so he was able to pick up the ball and spin the opposition player off of him and get the goal. but that was there only goal for the quarter. An Ollie Wines Slip up when he kicked the ball to two team mates but they were out of range to mark the ball and Toby Greene was able to mark it and took advantage of this and kick it out to the wing and with Brent Daniels marking it in just his third ever AFL game and running it down the wing to the Tim Taranto the kick the Giants second goals of the match. that was pretty much it for the first quarter with Port only kicking that one goals for the quarter, and the Giants kicked a total of 4 goals to go into the second quarter.

The Second quarter pretty much started with how the first quarter finished with the Giants getting the first goal of the second quarter and kicking another two goals in that quarter to take them with a total of seven goals into the half time break. The power were able to get the ball into the attacking 50 a lot more in the second then the first but they weren’t able to take them only kicking two goals and five behinds if the Power were to take those chance they would of been in front going into the half time break I don’t think I would of like to be a Power player at the half time break because I reckon Ken would of been screaming at the and asking them what they were doing.

The Third and Fourth Quarter the Giants pretty much held on to the ball for most of those quarters with port controlling the ball in the last five to ten minutes of both of those quarters the Second half Port were able to get more goals then the giants but the giants go the ball into the attacking 50 a lot more then them the Giant were only able to kick 4 goals to ports 5 goals but they kicked a total of 7 behind to ports 5 behinds so port were to the kick straighter then the giants in the second half but were a lot less in there attacking 50 then the giants. Phil Davis said to Fox Footy after “The Match that to win at the Adelaide oval is hard and to do it twice in the same year is remarkable and we are happy with this win”.

Here is the Match highlight of the game and you can see how the second for the match for the Giants happened

I would of like to see the Power win but the Giants just played better then they congrats on the win

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Fire Tricks – Video of the week

Everyone for this weeks Video of the week I chose a video of something Matt and I have talk about doing and maybe making a video our self

My favourite trick in this video would have to be the first trick making the flame of the lighter a lot bigger then when you get the lighter the first time because how many time would you use a lighter and the flame be too small then you want it to be at least with this trick you will be able to make the flame to the size of your desire and take it back to the size of the flame when you first got because it was to big to use.

How cool is the third trick using three match sticks tying tin foil around the top of the three matches using a lighter on the tin foil and making it turn into a little rocket. If Matt and I were to make a video using some of these tricks or some of our own this would have to be one i would like to try and so you how we did it.

Another trick I have always wanted to do is light a tealight candle and put on a plate with some liquid on the plate and putting a glass over the top of the candle and getting the liquid up the glass from the plate. The reason it does that is because the oxygen gets taking away from the candle and the liquid go up the the glass because the candle is trying to get some oxygen.

What was your favourite trick and do you think you would try any of these tricks and empress some of your family or friends or just save as a party trick to show what you can do.

Until next time

AFL Round 16 Power vs Saints

Everyone with this being a match for Power to keep their chance of staying in the top 4 the need to win if they didn’t win they would of stayed in the 8 but in fifth position.

You will notice at the start of the video that the banner says Steven Motlop that is because he was playing his 150th game in AFL most of those game he played at Geelong but he wanted to go to a club and start enjoying his football again. Steven had a good game racking up 28 disposals and 6 tackles but also helping his team and getting it out of the middle of the ground and to his teammates in the forward line.

Jack Watts was brought back into the side after not playing in the AFL since round 12 and playing in the SANFL instead and kicking 5 goals in the last two rounds in the SANFL that is probably what got back into the side and also helping his team all around the ground.

Charlie Dixon had a very good last quarter kicking three goals and two of those three goals came in a minute and it took his total goals for the match to four goals, He also got 16 disposals and made 3 tackles.

Tom Rockliff was back to his usual self getting the ball and getting it out to his team mates he can see that can get it down the field, he was leading disposal getter for the Power just getting in front of Steven Motlop with 30 he also took 8 marks and made three tackles.

Jared Polec also had an alright game racking up 26 disposals and taking 8 marks but late in the last quarter his was kicking the ball not to any of his teammates that were in sight and it fell short and landed in the hands of a Saints Player.

If you were watching the match what did you think of it and was it a good match.

until next time

Cricket Classic catches- Video of the week

Everyone for this weeks video of the week I choose something Matt and I have talked about to do our self maybe not to this extreme but something similar

My favourite catch and one I would like to attempt is the first with him diving to his right and getting it one handed it is probably one of the hardest catches to attempt and make it’s because it can fall short and hit the ground or when you take the catch and come back down on you arm it can fall out of you hand but you can also injure your shoulder if you don’t fall properly on to the ground from taking the catch.

The catch I like is the guy jumping to get it and palming it down to the other guy and him having to dive to get the ball

My favourite ever classic catch came in last year BBL from the Adelaide strikers I really enjoyed it because of how much effort Ben Laughlin had to do when running to get the catch but also make sure he doesn’t fall over the Boundary rope and also Jake Weatherald backing him up by also running in and trying to stop a boundary in Ben wasn’t able to get catch and drop it.

but how hard must of that been for Ben to make the catch and throw it back 30 mitres to the running Weatherald to slow down and help his teammate with the catch and help his team.

thanks for reading and if you would like to see Matt and I attempt some of these or do some of our own I would like to hear from you

until next time

What I think about The Bend Circuit

Everyone with it only being just over 50 days to the V8 Supercars hit the new circuit The Bend Motorsport Park in SA I would give you my thought on it.

You can see a picture of what the track layout will be when the V8 Supercar drivers will be driving around it in just a little under two months time. It’s the first time there is going to be two Supercars events in South Australia in the same year.

the orange outline is the track they will be racing on, it is 4.95 km making it the second longest track behind Bathurst. This is going to be a hard track for the drivers as its a new track and most of them wouldn’t have driven it before. The drivers will do a walk around like they do at every track but they will be looking at the apexes on all the corners where they think the best driving line is and where the best overtaking spots are. I reckon probably one of the best overtaking spots are is the corner into a chicane after the long straight and also the corner coming onto the straight as well.

The Bend Motorsport Park are also trying to win the hosting rights to hold the Australian MotoGP round there if they can, if the Australian MotoGP were to go somewhere else I believe it will go here as it is a very new circuit and I like the GP in Melbourne but I would like to see it at a different track. If it was to host the Australian MotoGP it will give the riders and new track to race on that they haven’t before and give them a different type of race all together.

Do you think this is going to be a good circuit for the drivers and the teams and will it stay for a long time in the supercars series. Also what would be your favourite corner on the track

Until next time

5 Things to do when your annoyed or angry

Everyone I thought I would share some things you can do when annoyed or angry

My first thing I have found that can help is writing down things that have annoyed you and when you are annoyed again just keep writing down the things that have made you annoyed, this will help get things off your chest and will hopefully calm you down and make you a little less annoyed or angry for the rest of the day.

My second thing would have to be get outside and go for a walk to clear your head,  as well as being good exercise it will also give you time away from home/work or where ever you were. This distraction free time away from the annoyance with allow you to clear your head and place whatever is troubling you into perspective allowing you to hopefully come up with a plan to resolve the issue moving forward resulting in you starting to feel a whole lot better

My third thing that you can do if spend some time hanging out with your mates, this can either be to talk about your problem with a trusted ear or just a solid distraction having a bit of fun. Generating happiness and enjoyment creates all kinds of chemicals inside your body allowing you to relax and start to improve your mood.

My Fourth thing that I would do is listen to calming music or just music in general it will take your mind off of the thing that has made you annoyed and make you concentrate on the music you are listening. I personally recommend songs that you will sing along to they create a greater level of distraction allowing you to clear your mind.

My final thing that I would recommend is playing games on your computer or console that make you happy so my favourite type of games I like to play a sports or idle type games as they make me think of what I could in the game and makes me stop thinking about the thing that has annoyed me.

If you think there are somethings that I have missed that make you calm down I would like to hear about them and also do you some of these things I have mention

Until next time

Supercars crashes – video of the week

Everyone for this week video of the week I thought after I did my supercars greatest finishes post I would find a video that i said about in the post

I thought with my post talking about the Greatest finishes there were probably going to be some with crashes videos as well so I found this video from 2014 with top 30 V8 Supercar crashes of the last decade.

My favourite crash would have to number three from 2010 with half the field it was also the last race of the season and it could of been anybodies race i remember watching this race and it was dry leading up to the crash but there was a massive downpour of rain and most of the driver were on dry tyres and Jamie Whincup said to his engineer just before the crash that we should be on wet tyres with how wet it is out here. you see the the first three cars go into the fence and those three were battling for the championship for that year.

My second favourite crash would have to be the number 1 crash from 2010 with Fabian Coulthard rolling his car at the chase at Bathurst his tyres were still cold and he was trying to warming them up but he came just off line at the chase and rolled his car but you can see you string these cars are with him getting of his car and walking the video of the full crash is here.

I would like to hear what you favourite crash is and if it wasn’t in the video what was you you favourite crash

Until next time

Supercars Greatest finishes

Everyone I was just looking around on youtube for the video of the week but I found something that I thought could be a post just on its own

The video I found – Supercars Greatest finishes is below, you will notice there are two parts

My favourite finish would have to be in the second video, the Craig Lowndes and Garth Tander battle at Bathurst in 2011. Craig was trying to win Bathurst for a fifth time in just six years and Garth’s third time winning at the mountain and his second in just three years. One of the big stories here was that Garth Tanders driving partner Nick Percat was driving in V8 supercars for the first time and went on to become one of the very few to win on there first drives.

The footage following the Craig and Garth battle is Craig and Jamie with team Vodafone finishing 1-2 it reminds me of the Allan Moffat and Colin Bond one-two in 1977 because how many times would you see two teams finish one and two in a major race like Bathurst, not that often you would see it in other races with team mates finishing one and two or if the team has three cars a one-two-three, there is still more then 15 races left in the 2018 season and I’m pretty sure there are going to be some more close hard fought battles so there may just be later in the future a third instalment of  Supercars Greatest Battles.

I would like to know what you favourite Battle is and what makes that battle stand out for you.

Maybe I might find a Supercars crash compilations and that will be this week video of the week to follow on from this post.

Until next time