Time to get fit and healthy

So progressively I have become lazier, you know how it is you find the closest park to the shops you get take away because you cant be bothered cooking, you get crap take away because they have drive through and it tastes great and the the kids love it. But after I eat that fat riddled burger and chips I do nothing to work it off I sit on my lazy arse and over time have just become bigger and bigger. I used to run walk everywhere now as I have found out a 1-2 min run is to much for me soon I will struggle to keep up with my 2 and 5 yr old daughters. As a result now is the time to change its time to get fit and lose some weight, time to get to a healthy weight. This all came to a head a week or so back when I had the Wii fit board out to play with the girls and it told me I was obese that was a real eye opener.

Since then I have given my original Fitbit flex alot more attention working hard to crack the 10k step goal which on work days has proven harder than first thought due to being stuck at a desk. Plan 2 is now catch up with a few mates twice to three times a week for a 30-60 min exercise session, initially as we are all cash poor then idea is to mainly use what nature provides us hills, rocks all that standard stuff. Today marked exercise session 2 which was held a large recreational playground plenty of hills and a few high slides 2-3 flights of stairs up. All up today 25 flights of stairs and 6k in steps all before 11am not a bad start to the day.

My goal is to keep working like this to get from my current 90kg down to below 70kg to get into that healthy BMI range.

Lets see how I go over the next few weeks can I keep it up, hopefully my mates will be there to help push me along


Welcome to the new Mates Madness, a place where we hope that we will inspire you to get together will a few of your mates and make things happen in your life. These things can range from just a good time to important life goals such health and well being to financial assistance or just simple leisure and lifestyle.

I’ve accomplished some stuff so far in my life but there is still a very long list to go and with the help of my friends I am sure I will get there, throughout this blog me and my mates will share with you some of our current goals and our ongoing efforts to achieve them. Over time we will also share with you some past goals and the success and memories that came with realising them.

My mates and I all have a weight loss goal so you will see that one front and center for a little while as getting fit and healthy for our families is hugely important to us.

Catchya soon