5 Things to do when your annoyed or angry

Everyone I thought I would share some things you can do when annoyed or angry

My first thing I have found that can help is writing down things that have annoyed you and when you are annoyed again just keep writing down the things that have made you annoyed, this will help get things off your chest and will hopefully calm you down and make you a little less annoyed or angry for the rest of the day.

My second thing would have to be get outside and go for a walk to clear your head,  as well as being good exercise it will also give you time away from home/work or where ever you were. This distraction free time away from the annoyance with allow you to clear your head and place whatever is troubling you into perspective allowing you to hopefully come up with a plan to resolve the issue moving forward resulting in you starting to feel a whole lot better

My third thing that you can do if spend some time hanging out with your mates, this can either be to talk about your problem with a trusted ear or just a solid distraction having a bit of fun. Generating happiness and enjoyment creates all kinds of chemicals inside your body allowing you to relax and start to improve your mood.

My Fourth thing that I would do is listen to calming music or just music in general it will take your mind off of the thing that has made you annoyed and make you concentrate on the music you are listening. I personally recommend songs that you will sing along to they create a greater level of distraction allowing you to clear your mind.

My final thing that I would recommend is playing games on your computer or console that make you happy so my favourite type of games I like to play a sports or idle type games as they make me think of what I could in the game and makes me stop thinking about the thing that has annoyed me.

If you think there are somethings that I have missed that make you calm down I would like to hear about them and also do you some of these things I have mention

Until next time

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