AFL Venue Record broken

Everyone today the 29th of July 2018 Jack Hombsch will become the first ever player in AFL history to play an AFL match during home and away or finals series.

he has played at this 19 stadiums before he will play at Mars stadium in Ballarat today

Adelaide Oval
ANZ Stadium
Blundstone Arena
Etihad Stadium
AAMI Stadium
GMHBA Stadium
Jiangwan Stadium
Manuka Oval
Optus Stadium
Spotless Stadium
TIO Stadium
TIO Traeger Park
York Park

He will goes past AFL greats in the names of Paul Salmon and Robert Harvey this will be a record which will probably take a little time to break because there are some of these ground players that are starting in the AFL will never get the chance to play at and if the records was to be broken in the near future the AFL will need to add another stadium for a team to play at and if it was Port Jack would have to be left out of the side if he doesn’t play at any new venue for the rest of his AFL career this record could stand for a very long time and not be broken for probably about 30 to fifty years if it gets broken before the 30 years i would be amazed but it could happen. This record he will be braking it will be before he plays 100 game how many players past, present or future will be able to say they have an afl record before the have played 100 AFL games not that many.

Power vs Giants AFL Round 18

Everyone this was a massive match for both of the teams if the Power won they would of gone into the top and if the Giants won they would of kept the finals chances alive.

The first Quarter started off with the Giants getting the first score of the match but it was just a behind and then port took advantage of the kick in and took the ball down the ground with Robbie Gray kick the ball in the forward to try and get the first goal of the match but it just fell short but Brad Ebert was near the goal square when Robbie kicked so he was able to pick up the ball and spin the opposition player off of him and get the goal. but that was there only goal for the quarter. An Ollie Wines Slip up when he kicked the ball to two team mates but they were out of range to mark the ball and Toby Greene was able to mark it and took advantage of this and kick it out to the wing and with Brent Daniels marking it in just his third ever AFL game and running it down the wing to the Tim Taranto the kick the Giants second goals of the match. that was pretty much it for the first quarter with Port only kicking that one goals for the quarter, and the Giants kicked a total of 4 goals to go into the second quarter.

The Second quarter pretty much started with how the first quarter finished with the Giants getting the first goal of the second quarter and kicking another two goals in that quarter to take them with a total of seven goals into the half time break. The power were able to get the ball into the attacking 50 a lot more in the second then the first but they weren’t able to take them only kicking two goals and five behinds if the Power were to take those chance they would of been in front going into the half time break I don’t think I would of like to be a Power player at the half time break because I reckon Ken would of been screaming at the and asking them what they were doing.

The Third and Fourth Quarter the Giants pretty much held on to the ball for most of those quarters with port controlling the ball in the last five to ten minutes of both of those quarters the Second half Port were able to get more goals then the giants but the giants go the ball into the attacking 50 a lot more then them the Giant were only able to kick 4 goals to ports 5 goals but they kicked a total of 7 behind to ports 5 behinds so port were to the kick straighter then the giants in the second half but were a lot less in there attacking 50 then the giants. Phil Davis said to Fox Footy after “The Match that to win at the Adelaide oval is hard and to do it twice in the same year is remarkable and we are happy with this win”.

Here is the Match highlight of the game and you can see how the second for the match for the Giants happened

I would of like to see the Power win but the Giants just played better then they congrats on the win

Until next time

New York City – Blast from the Past

When I was in the USA quite a few years ago now 2009 I think it was we spent a week in New York, we did a tour of Madison Square Garden and took in a Baseball game a Yankee Stadium. It was an awesome week and I would go again tomorrow if I could.

This was also before I started getting sea/boat sick so taking the ferry over to liberty island and a scenic cruise around Manhattan was no issue at all, in addition to the cruise we also took a scenic helicopter flight around the city, most of the footage shot is below.


Passive Income Trial – Forex Trading

Over the last few days I have been using a demo account with a couple of Forex traders to test a couple  different strategies, copy trading and the use of EA’s (expert advisor) I am still getting my head around the different settings that you can adjust on the EA and how they will effect my trading results.

I have had some very good trading results using the social trading method where by the system automatically copies a trader that I have set, some traders and EA’s charge a fee for there service but there are also a number of free services out there to get you started. be careful with the free services as most of them focus on one or two pairs and may only buy or sell.

The way I am looking at this is that if I was to go out and have a night at a blackjack table I could drop $100 and maybe $50 on roulette or the pokies (slot machines) so why not give trading a go and spend the night at home instead. On the flip side I am also looking at the possibility of opening an affiliate account with a couple of these traders to potentially increase my earnings even more. The question from there is how would I spend my affiliate income, do I reinvest into trading or spend it elsewhere?

Over the next couple of days I will open a real account and start trading I will keep you all up to date with the results

Im in a rut

So recently I have been a whole let less motivated than normal as you can see here on Mates Madness I have been a whole lot less active putting up little to no posts over the last few weeks, I am constantly feeling tired and run down I put it down to just trying to do to much I have been pretty go go go over the 8 weeks with working all day then picking up my girls, getting dinner ready trying to do some work on this site and other online projects and then repeat, on the weekends I have been working on the 3 different projects I have going on in my front and back yards leaving little to no time to rest and recharge.

I am keen to do as much as possible myself for a number of reasons, its great to look at the finished product and know I did that or I at least helped do that. The second one being do it yourself (DIY) is a whole cheaper which leaves me more money to either enjoy life start another project outdoors or invest online in a possible opportunity. The 3rd reason I need to exercise the more I don’t get any exercise the lazier and less energetic I seem to feel. That being said with being more active comes the need for more time to recharge especially at the start and that is what I am struggling with.

In addition to this work seems to have stagnated, both in my day job and here on the site both are lacking progression, visitors here have not grown and are not staying longer and at work the next step of advancement is not really there. In both cases I need to have a hard look to find the drive to push myself to succeed. Here on Mates Madness alot of the drive went when our App developer account was cancelled, the apps were really starting to take off and get some downloads and then over night it was all gone without even a chance to fix it. At work the next job the next promotion just doesn’t seem to be insight, the targets I have rest heavily on the shoulders of other peoples input and they just don’t seem to be up to the task which is of course very frustrating.

Its time to get back to basics little goals, 1 step at a time sort out my motivational issues pick some goals and put my head down and work hard towards them but first of all step 1 take a few days to relax and recharge go on a bit of a go slow for a few days and try to kick back and relax as much as possible and then go from there.

Fire Tricks – Video of the week

Everyone for this weeks Video of the week I chose a video of something Matt and I have talk about doing and maybe making a video our self

My favourite trick in this video would have to be the first trick making the flame of the lighter a lot bigger then when you get the lighter the first time because how many time would you use a lighter and the flame be too small then you want it to be at least with this trick you will be able to make the flame to the size of your desire and take it back to the size of the flame when you first got because it was to big to use.

How cool is the third trick using three match sticks tying tin foil around the top of the three matches using a lighter on the tin foil and making it turn into a little rocket. If Matt and I were to make a video using some of these tricks or some of our own this would have to be one i would like to try and so you how we did it.

Another trick I have always wanted to do is light a tealight candle and put on a plate with some liquid on the plate and putting a glass over the top of the candle and getting the liquid up the glass from the plate. The reason it does that is because the oxygen gets taking away from the candle and the liquid go up the the glass because the candle is trying to get some oxygen.

What was your favourite trick and do you think you would try any of these tricks and empress some of your family or friends or just save as a party trick to show what you can do.

Until next time

Fitness Update Week 2

Well its been a busy week which is a good and a bad thing, some days I was up and about constantly and getting good step counts and few others I was flat out at my desk working.

After the big weekend prior to this day moving a whole heap of dirt and stuff the Monday was a real recovery day taking it easy letting the back and legs recover and as a result the step count shows

Tuesday though I was straight back at it taking a couple of long walks throughout the day to ensure that I 10k steps goal not just that though I had green across the board with all goals hit

Another green across the board day, if I didn’t hit all green this day I would have been really disappointed as I spent a number of solid hours working preparing stuff in my front yard

another strong  result here starting to show some real consistency now, getting really active with a few strong step count results in a row its a pity its all down hill from here for the rest of the week 

The last 2 days of the week left a lot to be desired failing to see green in either day in the Fitbit App, at the current time I have also only lost 1 kg, its time to push harder and clear all the yard work that needs to be done across the front and the back yards to free up some time for proper exercise. The next big thing for me to tackle is meal sizes I know today I went way to big with my lunch so portion control is going to be important moving forward if I want to start seeing results on the scales

Forex Trading

I am considering Forex Trading using algorithms based on past history to place automated trades, this is all new to me but with there being a whole heap of information out there and some really positive reviews out there I figure it would be worth giving it a go. My plan is start/risk a very small balance so to find a broker with a minimum deposit of $100 and just trade with that and let my balance and as a result trade amounts and profits grow. Should this plan work I would be looking to not touch any profit from forex trading for the next 6-9 months to hopefully have me earning a solid 1-2k per week if not more.

The brokers I am looking at are

They both have their pros and cons I was originally going to go with HQbroker I created an account and have been waiting for over a week for one of there experienced brokers to call me to walk me with through how to setup the automated trading. I have contacted there customer service 4 times and keep getting told they will call but I have had no call yet just to be told they are backed up at the moment.

Avatrade look really good but they do not provide you with the algorithm you have to find or develop your own which is a major thing for me, that being said though they do have copy trade option where you can select from a number of real life traders and have there trades copied live. Avatrade is also a whole lot more regulated which is very appealing to me. I guess I will do a little more research to see which one I go with or potentially even find a 3rd company to add to my forex trading list

If you have any suggestions or tips for me here I would love to hear them as I am keen to give forex trading a go very soon

AFL Round 16 Power vs Saints

Everyone with this being a match for Power to keep their chance of staying in the top 4 the need to win if they didn’t win they would of stayed in the 8 but in fifth position.

You will notice at the start of the video that the banner says Steven Motlop that is because he was playing his 150th game in AFL most of those game he played at Geelong but he wanted to go to a club and start enjoying his football again. Steven had a good game racking up 28 disposals and 6 tackles but also helping his team and getting it out of the middle of the ground and to his teammates in the forward line.

Jack Watts was brought back into the side after not playing in the AFL since round 12 and playing in the SANFL instead and kicking 5 goals in the last two rounds in the SANFL that is probably what got back into the side and also helping his team all around the ground.

Charlie Dixon had a very good last quarter kicking three goals and two of those three goals came in a minute and it took his total goals for the match to four goals, He also got 16 disposals and made 3 tackles.

Tom Rockliff was back to his usual self getting the ball and getting it out to his team mates he can see that can get it down the field, he was leading disposal getter for the Power just getting in front of Steven Motlop with 30 he also took 8 marks and made three tackles.

Jared Polec also had an alright game racking up 26 disposals and taking 8 marks but late in the last quarter his was kicking the ball not to any of his teammates that were in sight and it fell short and landed in the hands of a Saints Player.

If you were watching the match what did you think of it and was it a good match.

until next time

Its Been a Long Week

Its been a long week, I have spent most of the week working in my front and backyards getting the backyard ready for my girls to run around in and preparing my front yard for a garden bed and a second driveway put in to stop me from needing to park on the dirt/mud. Its been a whole heap of work, with the help of Kieran we have carried almost two tonnes of loam to the backyard still with about a tonne to go. The two tonnes out the back have no been spread out a ruffly compacted by the girls running all over it. There is still about a third of the back yard to be covered which will hopefully be covered with the remaining tonne of loam out the front.

In addition to this with the help of a mate form work we got the posts in the ground for our retaining wall and went to pick sleepers earlier today, it looks like we are going to get a stacked stone type look retaining wall sleeper. All of this work though in the yard is going to be well worth as discussed in previous posts I definitely need the exercise and I am also saving a whole heap of money by doing as much as possible myself with the help of a few mates. In addition to this I have been keeping up my daily walks at work each day but with the rain most days recently it has been hard to crack the 10k mark each day. I will do a fitness update post sometime over the next day or so to share my progress with you all.

In regards to Mates Madness the changes to site made a few weeks back and we are slowly increasing in traffic both from organic and social referrals so thank you all for sharing our content and directing you family and friends to check us out. As part of the long week I have also got up to a few other things which I will share will in due time so stay tunned.