5 Things to do when your annoyed or angry

Everyone I thought I would share some things you can do when annoyed or angry

My first thing I have found that can help is writing down things that have annoyed you and when you are annoyed again just keep writing down the things that have made you annoyed, this will help get things off your chest and will hopefully calm you down and make you a little less annoyed or angry for the rest of the day.

My second thing would have to be get outside and go for a walk to clear your head,  as well as being good exercise it will also give you time away from home/work or where ever you were. This distraction free time away from the annoyance with allow you to clear your head and place whatever is troubling you into perspective allowing you to hopefully come up with a plan to resolve the issue moving forward resulting in you starting to feel a whole lot better

My third thing that you can do if spend some time hanging out with your mates, this can either be to talk about your problem with a trusted ear or just a solid distraction having a bit of fun. Generating happiness and enjoyment creates all kinds of chemicals inside your body allowing you to relax and start to improve your mood.

My Fourth thing that I would do is listen to calming music or just music in general it will take your mind off of the thing that has made you annoyed and make you concentrate on the music you are listening. I personally recommend songs that you will sing along to they create a greater level of distraction allowing you to clear your mind.

My final thing that I would recommend is playing games on your computer or console that make you happy so my favourite type of games I like to play a sports or idle type games as they make me think of what I could in the game and makes me stop thinking about the thing that has annoyed me.

If you think there are somethings that I have missed that make you calm down I would like to hear about them and also do you some of these things I have mention

Until next time

Income Generation

As you know my goal is to long term make a living on line which many people do it just takes a whole heap of hard work initially. For this site we currently have adsense which is earning us a few cents a day and on a good day upwards of a whole dollar. Income generation and ideally a passive income at that is a huge goal here and a result a big focus for me

We are working hard to be able to monetize out Youtube channel but we still need another 800 + subscribers to get to that point so it is some ways off. We are starting to discuss creating some original content and also potentially giving the channel some focus as with the website here it is all very general at the moment.

We are looking into affiliate marketing and are not far away from adding some links into posts but once again we need more traffic to make this a viable option

We had uploaded a number of Android apps to the playstore until our developer account was terminated for breaching policies. No information provided on how we breached or warnings given just an email to say it was terminated and do not create another one or we will terminate that account as well so back to the drawing board there.

Other options being considered are Daily Motion which appears to have little to no minimum requirements to be able to monetize your account. That being said it doesn’t have no where near the traffic or the interaction that you tube does so it may interesting to compare running the two side by side.

We are also considering starting a go fund me campaign to raise some money for the upcoming yearly hosting bill and to purchase some new equipment to help us film videos or maybe start a podcast. Do you think people would contribute?

At the moment the focus is on driving traffic from as many places as possible, a big focus is social networks. So posting our links there, encouraging our readers to like and share our content. In addition to that new auto ping info has been added to the site to let search engines know anytime we have new content to get us indexed faster and by more places. We are also placing a significant amount of effort in commenting on other websites to get our name out there more. I am also looking for some guest contributers to write a post or two here on Mates Madness to improve our reach into other social groups.

We are also spending some turning joining Facebook groups and alike for tips and ideas to help improve us. I recently came across Shout Me Loud which has been a great help in regards to getting tips to improve Mates Madness and also guide Kieran and myself in the right direction. I still have plenty or articles to read but I will be definitely spending a fair bit more time on the Shout Me Loud  website over the coming weeks and months. If you have a blog or thinking about building one check them out.

Over the next few weeks you may notice some changes to the site as we work to optimize it to improve reader experience and engagement. If you have made it this far please share this and comment below it will really help us grow.

Thanks for your support.



Matt Day 5 fitness update

Yesterday was a disaster day on so many fronts, my lunch time walk was shorter and slower trying to avoid shin splints, my day outside of that fairly much consisted of me sitting at a computer working. In addition to this I deviated from the no late night snack goal and smashed through half a bag of peanut M&Ms.

As you can see from my walk data it was only active minutes for the whole day which is a huge disappointment, distance is well down over the time period and as a result there was a significant drop in steps.

I fell just shy of 7,500 3/4 of the way to my daily 10k goal which as you can see means I did not even get close to the kilometres or calories side of things.

I did complete a short 5 min burst with 10kg weight but was clearly not going hard enough as it didn’t even auto recognise it as active minutes. I will need to work towards steadily increasing this over the coming days and weeks.

Only hitting 7,500 is also not good enough I need to force mysedf out of my chair and keep pushing myself to achieve more each day, without the increased workload there will be no overall benefit to my fitness and general health and well being.

All going well I should see some strong results again this weekend with there still being plenty of work to be done in both my front and back yards. I am looking at getting 2 tonne of loam dropped off which will need to be moved from the front yard to the backyard by the bucket load so that’s quite a bit of both lifting and walking ahead. That being said I cant leave it all to the weekend and must get better results again today. Prior to a Friday weigh in tomorrow.

Jeremy Cameron’s AFL Rnd 14 big hit not so bad

I was just reading this article titled “A lack of compassion and a lack of understanding shown by GWS forward Jeremy Cameron” about the Cameron hit on Andrews and honestly I was astounded as to how anyone could say that they clearly have not done there research and are just trying to write click bait. I feel extremely bad Harris Andrews his family and his team mates for the situation he is currently in (laid up in hospital with a brain bleed) but what was Cameron suppose to do he was committed into his jump when Andrews went back with the flight of the ball.

Cameron did what any normal human being would do and turn his body to protect himself had he not done this we could be looking at the of the AFL’s brightest stars laid up in hospital not just one. As based on the evidence argued at Cameron’s tribunal hearing  he had 6/50ths of a second to brace for contact and as a result I am unsure how this could have been ruled intentional. As much as we respect a player that goes back with the flight of the ball without a second thought some of the onus for that players protection needs to be on themselves. The only difference to this being a front on contact free kick was the split second where Cameron protected himself instead of getting his own head knocked off. To show how much the players on the ground new that there was not much Cameron could have done consider how many Brisbane players came in and remonstrated with Cameron. Anything can look bad in when replayed in slow motion, frame by frame or a still image but that is not football, its fierce and fast paced.

There could even be case made for going back with the flight of the ball to be similar to going to ground and taking a players legs both are extremely dangerous for all concerned. No I don’t agree with that rule especially when the players on the ground gets hand on the ball but I am sure you can see the similarities there.

In regards to “a lack of compassion and understanding and shown” by Cameron you have got to be kidding me right as per numerous reports “Cameron had earlier revealed that he apologised to Andrews after the game and then again the next day, saying he “felt sick” about the way things had panned out.” how is apologising more than once not showing compassion? How is going to the tribunal and accepting the hit being illegal not showing understanding he did as I am doing though argued his intentions were not intentional. The fact that people in the media and especially past players have called it a “dog act” astounds me. Those people full know how fast things in the game happen how fast players in the game move, there is a good chance Cameron didn’t even see Andrews until late as he eyes were on the incoming ball which was being kicked to him should Andrews have not been there it probably would have hit him lace out. Based on this I actually think 5 games was to extreme and was as a result of the media hype I think 2-3 more clearly reflect the accident that has occurred because it was just that an accident that happened as part of a game.

Day 4 fitness update

Yesterday was a poor day other than my afternoon walk I spent large parts of the day sitting down working or as normal some night time Netflix before bed. Getting out in the cold even if it is sunny still takes a bit of self motivation. Yesterday on my mid afternoon walk it was probably 10 degrees colder than my warm over heated office. That being said its still no excuse I need to push myself more to make sure I hit my 10k step goal as I feel quite a bit short after yesterdays efforts

As you can see from my walk data below  it made up a big chunk of my day almost half my steps and over half my active minutes. On top of that yesterdays walk was tough, the shin splints got really bad about half way through and there was quite a bit of pain running through my leg in the last 5 or so minutes. If this continues and walking is going to be my main daily exercise im going to need to address this

Tonight I have to force myself in to the garage  to do q few reps with the 10kg weight to get the arms working. I will be doing so me research today as to the different lifts I can do to work the different upper body muscles. As the arms are constantly moving these will also counts as steps on the Fitbit, I will put into the weights exercise mode to see if that impacts the step count. It has to better than the overall result today

Today I originally left home without the Fitbit on and realised when dropping my daughter at school which is luckily just around the corner so I went back to get it. So far to show a good result to you all tomorrow I have a whole heap of work to do, its 11am and I have only done 377 steps since putting the watch on. Time to get off my butt and get moving.

Supercars crashes – video of the week

Everyone for this week video of the week I thought after I did my supercars greatest finishes post I would find a video that i said about in the post

I thought with my post talking about the Greatest finishes there were probably going to be some with crashes videos as well so I found this video from 2014 with top 30 V8 Supercar crashes of the last decade.

My favourite crash would have to number three from 2010 with half the field it was also the last race of the season and it could of been anybodies race i remember watching this race and it was dry leading up to the crash but there was a massive downpour of rain and most of the driver were on dry tyres and Jamie Whincup said to his engineer just before the crash that we should be on wet tyres with how wet it is out here. you see the the first three cars go into the fence and those three were battling for the championship for that year.

My second favourite crash would have to be the number 1 crash from 2010 with Fabian Coulthard rolling his car at the chase at Bathurst his tyres were still cold and he was trying to warming them up but he came just off line at the chase and rolled his car but you can see you string these cars are with him getting of his car and walking the video of the full crash is here.

I would like to hear what you favourite crash is and if it wasn’t in the video what was you you favourite crash

Until next time

Supercars Greatest finishes

Everyone I was just looking around on youtube for the video of the week but I found something that I thought could be a post just on its own

The video I found – Supercars Greatest finishes is below, you will notice there are two parts

My favourite finish would have to be in the second video, the Craig Lowndes and Garth Tander battle at Bathurst in 2011. Craig was trying to win Bathurst for a fifth time in just six years and Garth’s third time winning at the mountain and his second in just three years. One of the big stories here was that Garth Tanders driving partner Nick Percat was driving in V8 supercars for the first time and went on to become one of the very few to win on there first drives.

The footage following the Craig and Garth battle is Craig and Jamie with team Vodafone finishing 1-2 it reminds me of the Allan Moffat and Colin Bond one-two in 1977 because how many times would you see two teams finish one and two in a major race like Bathurst, not that often you would see it in other races with team mates finishing one and two or if the team has three cars a one-two-three, there is still more then 15 races left in the 2018 season and I’m pretty sure there are going to be some more close hard fought battles so there may just be later in the future a third instalment of  Supercars Greatest Battles.

I would like to know what you favourite Battle is and what makes that battle stand out for you.

Maybe I might find a Supercars crash compilations and that will be this week video of the week to follow on from this post.

Until next time

Day 3 Get Fit Update

Day 3 first day back at work required a lot more effort to hit the 10k step target. I took a 3000 + step 30 minute walk which helped a lot in getting the total up there. On top of that I visited two different shops on the way home from work, a pet store to get some stuff for my pet turtle Ninja and a supermarket to pick up some potatoes eggs and a massive pair of lamb shanks which I cooked for dinner in the air fryer. Even after all that extra walking that I wouldn’t normally do i was still just over 2k short of my 10,000 steps goal after dinner was finished.

This meant more needed to be done up and down the hallway I went for about 10 minutes while the girls were getting ready for bed. Follower by a super quick few reps with a 10kg weight ( it was quick because the arms were still dead from the work on the yard over the weekend) then I put the girls to bed and then back up and down the hallway for another 10 minutes until I hit the 10k step goal

As you can see for pretty much the same amount of steps as the day before the calories burnt are significantly down on the day prior showing just how much more I got out of spending the day working in the yard keeping the heart rate up.

Some details of my lunch walk below, I need to pick up the pace but at the current time its a bit hard as if I go to quick I start to get shin splints so I will need to look at bringing different shoes to walk in, in place of my dress steel caps that I was wearing. Day 4 here I come another 10,000 steps are on there way. After I hit this a few more days in a row I will need to work adding regular light weights to work on my upper body a bit but that is a challenge for another day.

Matt day 2 get fit update

After spending another day out in the yard digging holes and preparing my driveway surface I had some good results hitting my 10k step goal it did take about 15 minutes at the end of the day pacing up and down my hall way but I got there.

Still it would have liked to have gone that additional 500 metres to hit my 7k goal but I will keep working towards that. For me the big plus is due to hours spent working in the yard the heart rate was consistently up resulting a huge amount of calories burnt, over 4k which is huge as naturally I only burn about 2k each day.

As mentioned I am not super keen on the idea of dieting as in cutting foods out such as crabs, sugars or fats but I am working on portion control and eating better snacks. Recently I have been eating heaps of Allens Redskins so I will have to resist that urge or just eat maybe one at a time. I couldn’t hold back smacking last night in bed when watching Netflix but I didn’t sit there and gorge on a packed of chips and dip as I had been recently instead just had some of s nut mix I’ve had sitting around for a while.

Today is the tough one though back at work and spent most of morning in meetings or going through spreadsheets at my desk. Almost lunch time where I will try to take a walk for half hour which i reckon has got to make up at least 4k steps today or else I will be back up and down the hallway again tonight…

Matt -Health & Fitness Day 1 result

So after yesterday in my update post talking about wanting to get active again as I need to get back to losing weight and especially stop putting it on.

I decided I would start to wear my Fitbit Surge again to motivate me to move more, or at least show me how lazy I am being. On top of that I got very hands on in my front yard preparing the area for my soon to be constructed retaining wall. From there was a fair bit of the dug up dirt transferred from the front to the back.

In addition to this I recently downloaded Pokemon Go again to encourage me to get active and walk more (video screen recordings coming soon). So I have already ticked off a number of things on my list from my last post which I’m pretty happy about. Check out my Fitbit stats from yesterday

Now I am super happy with my result but at the same time really annoyed with myself that I couldn’t get my butt of the couch away from the TV for 2 minutes to do another 83 steps to hit my 10k step goal to day I am making sure I hit that goal, I am doing more work in the yard  which will help And will walk up and down the hallway to get whatever I am sure before I get into nighttime TV. If I can’t hit the goal on the weekend I will be struggling as its much easier to do now than it will be come Monday when I am back at work and will need to be spending most of the day working at my desk. At the moment though I am resisting the urge to go binge on a packet of chips or maybe some biscuits, wish me luck.