Blast From the Past – IFly Los Angeles

To give you all a bit of history on myself and Kieran and any other regular contributors to the site such as Damo we have introduced a new recurring weekly post Blast from the Past. This post will feature either videos or photos from something in the authors past. This could range from significant life events to travel or anything else there imagination was  able to conjure up at some point in there past.

For me personally for the next few months I will focus on travel photo’s and videos taken whilst  travelling both throughout Australia and Overseas.

I thought that I would start with a video from my trip to America (USA) whilst there we spent our first week in Los Angeles which was pretty awesome we did some some great things and ticked off a few items that were previously on the bucket list. One of those items was Universal Studios, the video below is not about Universal Studios but Universal Walk just outside the theme park which is full of shops and small attractions.

One of those attractions was Ifly which is indoor sky diving in a large wind tunnel type thing, this was an awesome experience, now its not the rush of actual skydiving which I have since done but still pretty damm good all the same. Its heaps of fun without the extreme risk such as jumping out of a perfectly good plan

As mentioned above this is the first of a brand new post type to Mates Madness as a result we would love your feedback. Also have you tried indoor skydiving before what did you think?



Win Free Bitcoin Mates Madness 1st Competition

To help promote Mates Madness and get our name out there more we are going to run a competition where you can win free Bitcoin, it will be run over the next 2 months May and June  to be Sunday July 1st 2018 with the winner to be announced in the June Wrap Up. If you want to win free Bitcoin keep reading below on how to enter.

The competition will award the winner to 500,000 Satoshi currently worth approx $50 US, if Bitcoin was to go back to 20k though it would be worth $100 US so the more the value of Bitcoin the bigger the prize.

To enter the competition to win free bitcoin you need to complete a couple of simple tasks

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  • Place a link to the social share in the comments below (ensure you enter a correct email address in the email field when making the comment as we will use this to contact you)
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Bonus Entries

  • Download Astronaut space walk from the Playstore and upload to your socials a screenshot of you score at least 10 (post a link to the share in your comment on our app post here)
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All comments must be written in English to be valid, the competition must have 100 valid entries to be live if not the deadline will be extended by 1 month. If the winner does not wish to claim there winnings in Bitcoin they will have the option to get $50 transfered to them via PayPal.

Please remember this is about driving traffic to Mates Madness and our You tube channel so for us to run other competitions in the future if you decide to enter you need to keep your shares and subscriptions active any one caught deleting there shares or unsubscribing during the competition will be removed from the running and banned from future competitions.

Special bonus – if we get over 2,500 entrants we will double the prize to 1,000,000 Satoshi.

Each entry to win free bitcoin will be allocated a number based on the order of entry, The winner will then be draw using a random number generator app, the running of the random number generator will be filmed and the video uploaded to our You Tube channel

Myself, Kieran and the rest of the team at Mates Madness wish you the best of luck in winning the 1st ever Mates Madness free bitcoin competition. Remember the competition is free to enter so you have nothing to lose so give a go now and you could be the lucky one to win free Bitcoin.

Good Luck


Whats Your Favourite Movie or Movie Series


Everyone I thought I would ask you all a question about what your favourite movie or movie series is.

As I went to do some shopping on Sunday the 6th of May I went into a shop to see what movies and maybe games I could buy and I found the Lethal Weapon collection on Blu-ray with all 4 movies for $20 and I thought that it was a good  bargain. I have seen all 4 of the movies but I was a lot younger then what I am now so maybe I will see some things in the movies that I didn’t see when I first watched them.

My favourite movie series would have the be the Fast and Furious Franchise as I have watched them about 15 times each, I have found something that I missed each time when watching them for the second time. Sometimes I find an error such as once I noticed a green screen in one shot that they forgot to take out of the movie and other times I pick up little facts which help me make sense of a past of future scene.

Is there any movies that you have watched a lot of times and saw something you hadn’t when you watched it the first time and thought that was something I didn’t see last time watch the movie.

Also, is there any movie that you have to watch when you not filling to well or just want a laugh. A movie I have to watch when I’m not felling to well or just need a laugh is the Bench Warmers it just so funny and it has one my favourite actors in it David Spade I also watch Happy Gilmore as well because of it having Adam Sandler in it and it was before he started making some not so good movies.

Until next time


Weekly Wrap 6th May 2018

A slow week here on Mates Madness with only 2 posts featured on the site during the week starting with Kieran ask everyone which VFL team he should coach when starting his coach career on AFL Evolution.

The 2nd being my footy comeback which was only posted this morning after playing yesterday which was much harder than I could have imagined.

For me it was a tough week overall which is part of the reason I did not get on here as much as I should have to contribute and share with you all. This week on Wednesday afternoon my Nana passed away, we had not been close in a very long time but it still hit me quite a bit harder than what I had expected. We all knew she didn’t have much time left as she had been unwell for some time. As mentioned I had not been close with my Nana for sometime but when I was younger I had a huge amount of respect for her she cared for her mum my Nan Con for years (my great grandmother), I would go up to Nan Cons house every holidays and help out by maintaining the yard, pruning hedges, trimming trees, mowing lawns and whatever else was required. As with everything over time things change people change and in this case my Nan and I changed as a result we were no longer as close. Each of made decisions which had consequences which as a result pushed us further apart to the point of very limited contact. In my case I would generally visit her to appease my Dad as he was still very close to his mum. After all that though this week when she passed away it wasn’t the bad memories that filled me it was the good memories from when I was a kid that I remembered which is why it hit me much harder than that I thought.

I will miss my Nana but at the same time I am glad to be remembering the good memories not the bad stuff from over the last decade or so.

My Footy Comeback

As mentioned in last weeks weekly wrap I had been thinking about playing football again, after much thinking I decided to give it ago. Yesterday I made  my debut for the Modbury Hawks D grade and wow did it show me exactly how unfit I really am. I sat on the bench for the first half and when I finally I got on the ground I played for about 10 minutes and my leg muscles were tightening and I could barely breath. I have a long way to go in the fitness side of things to be able to run out a quarter let alone a game.

I managed to get a couple of handballs in my 20 odd minutes in the second half and laid a shepherd which allowed a team mate to kick a goal. I had my own chance to get on the score board but fumbled the dew covered ball.

After game one based on my limited playing time the legs are fine but my left shoulder is in a fair bit of pain I don’t even remember the incident which injured it but I know that the point of my shoulder is dam sore. It has a similar type of pain to when I injured my AC joint when I was younger. So the play for the next week is just to limit use of it where possible and apply volataren over the next week to allow it to heal enough to play next week.

From here improvement is tough, I am going to struggle to get out on the training track in time to participate in training with Sarah not getting home from work until half way through training. Maybe for the time being I can head out late and just focus on running to get some k’s into the legs and improve my lung capacity and treat it similar to a preseason and hopefully the skills come back naturally over time the more game time I get throughout the rest of the season.

Goals for this season other than to just get through it, it would be great to get on the scoreboard, start on the ground and run out an entire quarter. Small steps in the comeback, If get through the rest of the season then I can sit back and seriously think about next season, will I go around again which at this point I would like to, if so am I going to put a bit more work into and really give it everything possible. Only time well tell on this though depending how this year goes.

Over the next few weeks I will try to organise some photos and video footage of how I am progressing.



AFL Evolution Coach Career

everyone  I thought I do a Coach Career mode starting in the VFL but I’m not sure what club I should start from I would like to hear your thought on what club I should there is a poll below for you to vote on with all the VFL teams

what club should I coach

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once I’ve started a coach career I will do a weekly post of how each round has gone I will also take a picture of the final score of each match for the round that I’ve just done to show how it went in that round and also tell you what I hope to happen next round. I will also take a picture of the ladder after each round as well to show you were my team is seating at the time and if they can make finals.
I would like hear what other Career modes you would like to see post from maybe a New Player just starting out trying to get to a AFL team or a professional player already on an AFL team but I wouldn’t know what professional player to choose from as there are too many good one to choose from maybe you can help me out and narrow it down to a couple of favourite players.
until next time

April Wrap

Hi All

So we have just finished our first full month since relaunching Mates Madness from scratch so I thought I would give you a quick April wrap up. As expected its been a slow build but things are coming along nicely. Throughout the month we have had 140 different visitors many of them coming back more than once. These visitors have viewed the 28 new pieces of content added to the site which contained about 15 different videos. although through the month it did not seem like we got that many different posts up its very pleasing showing that we averaged just under one new piece of content each day.

Our most popular post for the month was Kieran’s AFL evolution DLC post with 43 views and our 2nd most popular post for the month is actually only 5 days old “New Android App – Astronaut Space Walk” This post has had 30 views.

19 comments were made against posts with 3 of those comments coming from readers just like yourself which is great to see people already getting involved across the Mates Madness website. I am hoping for this number to double during May. The next target is to get some comments on our Youtube channel and double our number of subscribers there from 8 to 16. The overall goal is to get to 1,000 subscribers as that is one of the requirements needing to be meet to monetize the channel which is a clear goal for us.

In regards to Android app development we now have 10 apps up on the Playstore with about 30 installs across all 10 apps, we have earnt about $3.50 from these apps which is great starting platform. Across all income channels we earnt $6 for the month of April which is no where near anything to write home about but it does give us some indication of what is working, what needs work and what to move away from.

Goals for the month of May

  • Get 10 quality videos up 5 of which are to feature Kieran or myself
  • Get 10 new apps on the Playstore
  • Get 31 new posts here on the Mates Madness website (1 per day)
  • Begin working with an affiliate program such as Amazon
  • 10 twitter posts
  • 25% increase in income
  • 50% increase in comments from visitors to Mates Madness
  • Youtube channel to 20 subscribers
  • 1 new recurring theme developed
  • 50 app downloads
  • 5 app reviews

Wish us luck, even better support us, leave a comment, search Mates Madness on the Playstore and download and test one of our apps, subscribe to our Youtube channel. You may not think you are doing much but every little bit of support helps and we really do appreciate it.