Video of the Week

Everyone for the second video of the week I found a challenge type video that I know Matt and myself would like to try it and upload to our youtube channel which you can find here

You can see in the video I found are just some mates kicking around the football in an AFL related challenge with you trying to not get the letters of the word HORSE which means you try and get a goal and try not get any letters of the word horse. Courtesy of the video goes to Dylan Holt and you can check out his youtube channel by clicking the link here

My favourite shot in the whole video would have to be the dribble kick on the boundary to get it in and try not get the first letter of Horse this is probably one of the hardest kick to do if you haven’t done it before I haven’t done this shot but I reckon if I practice it I will be able to get it. I reckon the hardest shot other the shot dribble kick from the boundary would have to be the opposite foot torpedo kick. The reason why is because how many times would you use your other foot to kick the football let alone do a torpedo kick.

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the second post of video of the week leave a comment if you would like to see Matt and myself try this challenge. Also, in that comment why not say what your favourite shot is and why that shot is your favourite shot in the video.

If you would like to see a type of video for video of the week I would like to hear you thoughts and maybe make them a video of the week.

until next time

TOP GUN -Blast from the Past

With this weeks blast from the past I thought I would focus on something that I did hundreds of times as a child and a teenager and that is watching the movie Top Gun staring Tom Cruise as Maverick. Almost anytime that I did not go to school or was up late or sick I watched this movie at one point I could recite the entire movie word for word that’s how much I watched it. As this movie was released when I was 1 until writing this post I had never actually scene the trailer for this movie check it out below

Top Gun was released in May 1986 originally receiving mixed review from critics but for movie fans it was an instant hit, Top Gun was showing at 45% more theatres 4 weeks after its release that it was when it hit the box office. Top Gun was a massive success grossing $356 million against a budget of only $15 million. Now this does not sound much but remember this was over 30 years ago think about inflation since then….

Anyway back to the movie there was action a plenty with dog fighting scene in the air what seemed like every few minutes. These scenes featured heavily the 14A Tomcat a two seater US Navy plane. As seen in the movie the plane had great manoeuvrability and good long range missiles.

For me I could and did watch this movie again and again, for me it was relaxing watching the aircraft whizz around the skies. I was once told that there was one real missile launch used for the movie and the rest were computer generated based on that one original. I used to see there watching the movie trying to pick out which was the real launch.

This movie I am sure made every child want to be a fighter pilot well at least did make me want to be one until I realised all of the study required to make that a reality. I still remember when I saw a real F14 Tomcat whilst on holidays in America  (pictured below) the plane was a training plane I almost think there should be a petition to get it painted as Mavericks plane I am sure it would make it even more popular. I will do a Blast from the Past one day of my visit to the Intrepid Air Sea and Space Museum where the photo was taken

There have been recent confirmations that they are finally making a Top Gun 2 after years of rumours its finally going to happen. When it does I will be there opening day to see this one and if it is even half as good as the first one I will probably be back again to see it a few more times. A release date for Top Gun 2 has been pencilled in for July 12 2019 so just over a year to wait

Here is some more Top Gun footage to make you smile while you wait for number 2

I feel the need, the need for speed..

What are some of your favourite things to do in your free time?

Everyone I thought I would ask you another question that is easy to answer what somethings you like are to do in your free time

Some of the things l like to do in my free time is watch some movies that have not seen before and I haven’t had any time to watch the movies until this free time. Most of the movies I watch are comedy or action movies the most recent movie that I have watched in my free time is Black Panther as I didn’t go to the cinemas to watch I thought I would just wait for it to get released on blu ray or DVD to watch I’m not going to give away any spoilers for the movie if any people that haven’t watched it yet but I really enjoyed the movie.
Another thing I like to do in my free time is play video games and the types of video games I play vary from time to time so one time I might play sport types games like NBA or Cricket and another time I might play simulation or strategy games the game I’m play at the moment in my down time is Car Mechanic simulator 2018 which it start with a small garage and upgrade it and your skills as well so you will start by unscrewing nuts and bolts at one bolt in 3 seconds and be unscrewing them later in the game at 1 second.

I would also like to hear what you do in your down time do you do the similar to me or do something completely different and what do you like to do the most in your free time.

thanks for reading this post and hope you have enjoyed it and also reading about what I do in my free time.

Until next time

You Control Your Future

I hear so many people complain something has not happened in there life or that they want something to happen in the future but then they do nothing to make it happen. They sit back and wait for it to magically happen or for someone else to make it happen for them.

One of my old bosses and mentors says “if nothing changes nothing changes”. Think about that saying for a minute do you get it, does it make sense to you. For me it’s saying if you don’t change something nothing changes, change starts with you. If you want a certain result you need to make a change in your actions to drive that change. You control your future, your actions have a significant impact on your outcome. Now I admit some things are out of your control but that is not a reason to concede defeat and put no effort in. In fact it is exactly the opposite it is a reason to work harder to focus on what you can control and control it to drive your desired outcome.

Think about the thing in your life that you want to change the outcomes that you want to achieve. Rate them in level of importance and urgency. Now that you have done that have another look thinking about flow on effect many people miss this but in some occasions completing one goal before another can make future goals easier, is this the case for you?

Now you have those desired outcomes in a solid order plan out the actions required to achieve the first two. Figure out the changes you need to make to complete the desired actions and put timelines to them to hold yourself accountable. Where possible I recommend sharing these goals with a mate someone that with help hold you to account someone to celebrate your successes with when you achieved your desired outcomes. If your desired outcomes/timeframes are so way out establishing mini/minor goals along the way can be really beneficial to aid you in seeing progress along the journey. For many people especially myself seeing progress along the way is vitally important as it let she me know I am on the right track I am achieving something I am getting results for all my hard work. So remember if nothing changes nothing changes so make some changes in your life for the better, control your future.

Weekly Wrap 27th May 2018

As you can see we had a busyier week then usual then we normally do with Matt getting up a total of 4 post and Kieran a total of 3.

We started of the week with Matt’s review on deadpool-2-and-new-deadpool-app Deadpool 2 and with the new Deadpool apps we have launched. Our next post of the week was Kieran’s question of your hero growing up and him telling you about his you-hero-growing-up.

The next post was Matt talking about his  current frustration- and how it may-just-motivate-you

We then go to our third blast from the past with Matt talking about his ferrari-museum-visit-blast-from-the-past Ferrari Museum trip. The Next post video-of-the-week was Kieran talking about his new weekly post called video of the week and the first video of the week was the Dude perfects newest post of them doing giant dart battles.

The last couple of posts for the week were Matt talking about 5-things-you-need-to-get-through-a-bad-day-at-work and Kieran talking about 5-top-event-every-motor-racing-fan-must-visit

That’s the weekly wrap

Until next time

5 Top Events Every Motor Racing Fans Must Attend

Everyone I thought I would talk about the 5 top events every motor racing fan must visit. The list is in the order of my personal preference but they all are amazing and all should be visited throughout a true motor sports fans lifetime.

1. The Indianapolis 500 is one of the biggest motor racing events in the world. The reason I have chosen this event is because it is one of the biggest race in the Indy cars calendar and like all Indy car drivers they would like to win every race but this has to be the main race they would like to win. The Indianapolis 500 has been happening since 1911 and it is held every year on Memorial Day weekend which is in late May. If you watch at least one race you will notice the cars aren’t like other types of cars they are open-wheeled like in Formula one.

2. The Monaco GP which is happening this weekend at the time of me posting this. Like the Indianapolis 500 this is a race all the F1 drivers would like to win and all the F1 drivers look at when the fixture is released to see when the Monaco GP is so they can get ready for it. The race has been a part of the F1 Calendar since 1929 and the person that has won the most races there is the late and great Ayrton Senna with 6 race wins at Monaco. Formula 1 cars like the above mentioned Indy cars these race cars are open-wheeled.


3. Bathurst 1000 it is the second race of the enduro series the V8 supercars have every year and like all the Supercars Drivers say if they can’t win a championship they would like to win a Bathurst 1000. This race has been happening since 1960 and there has only ever been one person to win the race a record 9 times and that is the late and great Peter Brock he was nicknamed the king of the Mountain after he won it for the ninth time it is the longest race on the Calendar and it can last from anywhere from 6 hours all the way up to almost 7 hours. They race for a trophy named after Peter Brock now and the first ever person to win that trophy was Peter apprentice Craig Lowndes which was Craig Second ever Bathurst win in 2006. Like Nascar these cars weigh about a tonne and cost about $300,000 dollars so you don’t want the drivers to crash the cars as that is a lot of money to fix it.

4. The Daytona 500 which is the first event on the Nascar Calendar they have been racing here since 1959 and it has been won more times in a Chevrolet then any other car and Richard Petty has won it a total of 7 time. When the Nascar season has finished all the drivers know that the first race on the new season is going to be at Daytona and they can’t wait to get back into their cars and start the new season. Like in the V8 supercars they weigh about a tonne and these cost about the same almost $300,000 to race.

5. This would have to be one of the longest and toughest in the world and that would have to the Le mans 24 hour the first race was held back in 1923 and the time to get around the track then was a nine minute 39 second the time it take to go around the circuit now is a three minute 14 second which is pretty quick around a track that is 13.626 (8.467 Miles) there is one driver that has one the race a total of nine time and he is called Tom Kristensen and also he type of car that has one to most races is a Porsche at 19 race. The type of cars they race around range from Toyota all the way BMW m3 most of the cars have three drivers but you can have up to four drivers .

Thank for reading my post and I would like to hear your feedback and see if you have any other events that aren’t on the list that motor racing fans should visit.

until next time

5 Things You Need To Get Through a Bad Day at Work

Everyone has a bad day at work now and then no matter how much they love there job. The things to consider are how often are you having bad days, how bad are the bad days rating them against an average day and your worst day ever.

1. Understand the cause – if you know the cause you can do something about it. Are you bringing a bad attitude to work as a result of life outside work getting to you. Is the culture at your work bad, are you paid poorly, do you not like the hours you work. To understand the reason you need to take a step back and really think about the issue and get to the root cause. Don’t stop at the first answer that comes to you really investigate it and delve deep. Once you have established the actual cause put a action plan in place to fix it. Just knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel can help brighten your mood.


2. Have a goal that rewards your hard work at work like a Holiday, a new car, a house deposit. This goal is more financial it lets you know where the money that you are working hard is going long term. Towards something that you want that will make all the bad days worth it. For me holidays have always been a good one, stick a picture of your destination on you desk or make it your screen saver for you to look at every time you start to feel a little frustrated or down.

3. Remember who you are working hard for, who depends on the income your job brings in. The first person that you are working hard for is you. From there it is everyone else in your life that depends on your income such as your partner or children. To assist with this one I have a digital photo frame on my desk with a whole heap of different pictures of my two girls and my wife rotating through and things at work start to get to me I look down watch a few pictures just to bring a smile to my face

4. Find out a quick chill out method, this should be something to mentally distract you from what is going on. Something that can take your mind away for a minutes to give you that little break to refocus before things start to get to you. For me this is a quick check of a couple of my favourite news sites. I then try to find an article or two to read. I honestly have a friend who heads to the toilet and watches a youtube video or two with his headphones to get that little escape.

5. Have a career goal – know that the bad day is a means to an end, the experience you gain in that role throughout the day and every day in that role with assist you in getting the next role whether it be at that company or a different one. Continue to evaluate that career goal to ensure it is still relevant, having a pathway mapped out will give you purpose in each task you do it can drive you to exceed and if you are excelling in your role there is less chance of having a bad day.

For me these tips have gotten me through quite a few bad days and bad jobs, the skills I have learnt in those bad jobs have also enabled me to get some pretty great jobs and some good money allowing me to do some amazing things in life. If you are going to work to live make sure you do your best live well and enjoy life.

If you have any tips that work for you I would love to read them so share them in the comments below



Video of the week

We have decided to introduce a new weekly post to give you all a bit more of a background about the type of stuff we like/enjoy. It will be a weekly post with a YouTube video of something we have found during the week.  In some cases it could be something that the Mates Madness team could attempt in the future or a video either Matt or myself have found interesting.

For us Dude Perfect (the creators of our inaugural video of the week) is  one of the directions we would love to take Mates Madness in the future, I mean its a group of guys (mates) having mad fun doing stuff they clearly enjoy One of the reasons we created this site was for us to get out with our mates more, to encourage everyone else to spend more time with there mates and just for people to know they are not alone there are people out there like us who want to give guidance, confidence and motivation that we can all succeed.

The video I have chosen for this week is from Dude Perfect it is there most recent post which is a battle video they chose to make it a giant battle instead of a normal battle video. You can see what my favourite battle shot is which is under the video.

My favourite battle shot would have to be the car shot with them in the back of a pickup and trying to throw the giant dart at the giant dart board they had make.

If you have enjoyed this post I would like to hear the feedback and maybe you could recommend a video I could watch or a video with some challenges that you would like to see Matt and I attempt maybe even with other local Mates Madness fans and content creators involved in.

Until next time

Ferrari Museum Visit – Blast from the Past

A number of years back before having children my Sarah and I planned to do a working holiday spending a year leaving and working in the UK. The day before flying out my mum had a cardiac arrest resulting in our holiday plans being put on hold for a bit. When we got underway a month or so later we decided to start our holiday with a Contiki tour to ensure should we get called home early that we would have seen as much as Europe as possible. One of the awesome places that we visited was the Ferrari Museum in Italy. This place was awesome, there were some really sweet cars there. Even Sarah who is not a car fan at all fan this place a little interesting. One of my biggest regrets also happened just outside the Museum, they have a rental place outside where you can test drive a Ferrari which for some a bunch of reasons I did not do. although they are excuses some of those reasons were. I didnt want to spend the money I thought I had another 11 months in the Europe and wanted to save the money. It was cold wet dark and Icy (mid December and snow falling throughout parts of the country. I had not driven on the other side the road yet and was not sure doing in a Supercar was the best way to learn we also only had a limited time in the area as our tour bus was leaving at a set time. Either way they were excuses and now wish that I had done it

Check out some of the pictures taken inside the museum and the super sweet Ferrari’s, I am even in a couple of the photo’s from inside the Ferrari Museum

As always visit our youtube channel and subscribe 




My Current Frustration May Just Motivate You

There are a number of things that frustrate me in life at the moment but my number one complaint at the moment is people not taking accountability. All day at work at the moment I hear “it wasn’t me” or “it’s not my job” sometimes it “I don’t know how” even though it’s been part of there job for 12 months or more. This infuriates me, it just shows how lazy some people are that they are so willing to let other people do there jobs for them that they are happy to be part of a team but not be a team player.

I think we should all take pride in our jobs whatever it is, hold ourselves accountable to perform that job to the standard required and realise that the way we do our job, our actions effect other people.

I believe that to do a process correct its best to understand the importance of the process, what the consequences of the process not being done or being done right.

Lets take Mates Madness as an example, if Kieran or I don’t add content content people stop coming back and overtime Google indexes us lower in searches. On the opposite side if we add regular quality content people come back to check for new content, they potentially share our content on there socials and drive other people to our site to see our content. Taking pride in our site taking accountability in the fact the site relies on us regularly adding new content to succeed is what will drive us to achieve outback goals.

Think about what you need to take some accountability in from your day to day life to improve. Think about how your part of of the process effects others and you can do it better. From there set yourself some structure, create some goals to allow yourself to hit the targets required of you. Ensure your goals are not capped at just what is required though stretch yourself, have secondary and other additional goals beyond the minimum requirements. Work with the people around you to share your knowledge and learn from them to allow you all to become stronger and smarter together.

This site was originally designed for everyone to know they have mates to know your a re not alone there are other people out there that share some of your interests your ideas and frustrations. So a small part of that I am asking you to hold yourself to account not just for you but for your mates, your friends your family, your work mates and everyone else in your life. The harder you work for others the more others will be there to support you in your time of need. These people may not always be the person you expect but I can tell you it will be someone who has your respect.